My opinions on Disney Princesses

Yes, this is something I found on Tumblr. I’m basically having wine and waiting for October to be a thing, so that means Disney.

#1 Favourite Princess
For personality – Belle. For appearance – Snow White. For story line – Mulan.

#2 Favourite Prince
Flynn Rider. Gotta love a bloke called Eugene.

#3 Favourite Couple
Mulan & Shang, they actually had things in common and got to know each other.

#4 Least Favourite Princess
I’ve never liked Ariel

#5 Least Favourite Prince
They tend to be rather generic, does Peter Pan count?

#6 Least Favourite Couple
Ariel & Eric

#7 Favourite Dress/Outfit
Hm… I feel like Snow White’s outfit would be relatively comfortable. I also like Aurora’s day wear.

#8 Least Favourite Dress/Outfit
Cinderella’s big poofy one

#9 A Princess Who Inspires You
Belle, Merida, Tiana, and Mulan. Oh and Esmeralda, talk about a woman with a spine.

#10 Worst Decision Made by a Princess
Don’t sign contracts until you’ve read them, smartass.

#11 A Villain You Feel Was Justified in Their Treatment of [the] Princess/Prince
I can see Gaston’s perspective given that he’s a trained hunter and then there’s this Beast supposedly kidnapping people…

#12 A Princess You Would Like to Trade Places With
I mean, Aurora gets the best deal really. She gets raised by three lovely and funny people, meets her true love, and sleeps through the bad part.

#13 A Princess Whose Life You Would Hate to Have
Rapunzel, just being stuck in a tower for 18 years really doesn’t sound fun.

#14 A Princess You Think is a Bad Role Model for Young Girls
Ariel, I really don’t like her. She’s downright stupid.

Day #15 Favourite Tiara
They have tiaras? I guess Tiana’s because she’s the only one I remember

#16 Favourite Song Sung by a Princess (can include duets)
Meg’s “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” is a good one for people who are older than 15. Belle’s Reprise is also quite nice and really captures the feeling of being stuck in a small village where no one understands you. For duets, we’re going with Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

#17 Least Favourite Song Sung by a Princess (can include duets)
Part of your world and I’m Wishing

#18 The Princess With Whom You Would Be Best Friends
Rapunzel and I would have a lot to talk about, as would Meg & I. I’ll go with Meg, because we’re both big cynics.

#19 The Princess With Whom You Would Be Frenemies
I’m and adult and don’t know what frenemies mean… Pocahontas and I would probably have a weird relationship where we get along from time to time but never form a close friendship.

#20 The Princess You Would Openly Hate and Be Enemies With
That would be Ariel when I went full *headdesk* when she used the word dinglehopper the 5543th time.

#21 The Princess You Would Dress As for a Halloween/Costume Party
I’ve been called Snow White a number of times, but I think I could also make an alright Belle.

#22 List Three Admirable Qualities About the Princess You Named on Day #4
Stupidity, Ignorance, and Lack of Awareness.

#23 A Princess You Feel Didn’t Deserve Her Happy Ending
Ariel, she never learned anything.

#24 The Happy Ending You Feel Didn’t Make Sense/Was Too Easy
Sorry, but both Sleeping Beauty and Snow White fall into this trap.

#25 Favourite Sidekick
Does Esmeralda’s goat count?

#26 Most Interesting Story
Mulan & Esmeralda.

#27 Best Singing Voice
In which language?

#28 Edge of Your Seat: The Moment You Find Most Exciting (e.g. Prince Philip battling the dragon Maleficent)
The fight in Beauty and the Beast the first time I saw it.


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