Review: Maybelline’s Super Stay 24h Colour

Product: Super Stay 24h Colour
Brand: Maybelline
Shade: All Day Cherry
Price: 22.95 AUD at Priceline
Available: Easy to find, most makeup stores will carry Maybelline.

First Impression: the colour is nice, it looks like a very classic red in the package. 23 dollars is a bit pricey for a drugstore lip product so I was a bit hesitant when I bought it. The two step application process was something I hadn’t tried before and it wasn’t difficult to do. The product is smooth on the lips, though especially the first step does need to be applied with some care to avoid awkward buildup. Once it is all in place it is very pleasant to wear. It doesn’t really stain, doesn’t dry your lips out, wpid-20150920_110751.jpgdoesn’t have a glossy finish. It stays on pretty well too, especially for a drugstore brand, but it won’t last 24h. Overall really happy with it, it’s a good product.
Pretty practical, clean and simple design, won’t take up too much space. Good for travel since it’s long lasting and small. You need to make sure that you close it properly, it kinda does have a tendency to get a bit twisted.


Apply the red liquid lipstick first, let it dry for a minute or two, once it’s dry you then apply the balm. It’s a bit more like a wax than a balm but it works pretty well. For optimal results, ensure that your lips are clean, dry, and don’t have any dead skin on them. In other words, exfoliate.

Value for money: I purchased this product a few months ago and I didn’t remember it costing a full 23 dollars. It is a bit pricey but I don’t think I would have thought it too expensive if it had been a product from the Balm. I’m just not used to Maybelline costing that much for some reason. It is a solid product and better than other similar products I’ve tried. I’d probably advise people to pick it up when it goes on sale if the price is a turnoff.

Would I buy this again?
I have so many red lipsticks that it’s insane, but I might pick it up in purple or a colour where I don’t have any good products. So I probably wouldn’t repurchase this exact shade simply because I have no need for it, not because it’s bad.


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