Challenge: Seven Deadly Sins – Greed

For October, we’ll be going through the Seven Deadly Sins and have a discussion about each of them. First out is greed. Usually, I make an effort to include a lot of budget friendly items when I do lists or reviews. This time however, we’re talking about all things luxurious and expensive.

Out of all the makeup items you own, which is the most luxurious one?

No doubt my Guerlain lipstick. It’s not the most expensive beauty product that I own but it is by far the most luxurious one. This lipstick feels like you’re putting creamy rubies on your lips and it’s a great way to spoil yourself instantly.

Favourite luxury products:
– FOUNDATION → Dior’s Nude was a favourite of mine for years
– CONCEALER → Urban Decay’s Naked Concealer
– BLUSH – Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder in Rose
– HIGHLIGHTER →  Laneige’s cushion highlighter
– EYESHADOW → Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow in Shine Gold
– EYELINER → Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
– MASCARA → The Balm’s What’s Your Type in Tall, Dark, and Handsome.
– LIPSTICK – Look above
– NAIL POLISH → OPI Fresh Frog Of Bel Air

On days when you want to feel like a million dollars, which makeup look do you go for?wpid-20150624_105110.jpg

This is a very classic pinup/rockabilly look that I often do if I want to dress up or if I want to spend some extra time on my appearance. I spend time on the skin to decrease the appearance of my pores, wear a product with medium coverage, go for a rich classic red, give winged liner a go, and I either wear my hair down or partially up.

It’s essentially a pumped up version of my regular look.

Most luxurious kind of hairstyle and colour there is?

When it comes to designers/brands you cannot actually afford, which are your top five favourites?
Alexander McQueen
Karen Millen
Zac Posen
Diane Von Furstenberg
Allanah Hill

Show the one pair of high end shoes you drool over.

Most luxurious
Scent: Cocoa butter or Warm Vanilla Sugar that I can’t get in Aus.
Colour: Deep red
Drink: Mead
Clothing: silk nightgowns and robes
Food: mushroom risotto
Television show: Hannibal


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