Challenge: Seven Deadly Sins – Lust

No, we’re not going to have a discussion about my sex life. Even I like to keep a few things private. What we are going to talk about is lingerie. Yes, it’s a bit of a struggle linking this sin to the theme of this blog but this seems a happy medium.

What is the single greatest issue you face when it comes to purchasing lingerie?
The lack of bras in my size. My rib cage is smaller than the rest of me. I’m also an hourglass figure which means that most brands don’t have bands sizes that are small enough or cup sizes that are big enough. The ones that do exist are 9/10 times just disgustingly designed. Oh and the bloody three hooks extremely high rise cages they put around your ribcage only to slap some mosquito net over the actual breasts and claim it’s “support”. Ew.

What are some stores and brands you can recommend?
Pleasure State – especially their VIP line. Agent Provocateur for stockings and smaller cup sizes. For everyday underwear and bras for smaller cup sizes, H&M. For their size range, Brastop.

What are your thoughts on corsets?
Can be used really well. Firstly, it has to be the right type of corset for that person’s body type. Secondly, it has to be good quality in order to maintain its shape, steel boned is a must. Thirdly, for the love of everything holy, stop calling them ‘waist trainers’. You’re not training anything, you’re moving your organs around. I currently only own one real corset and I never wear it because I’m so bad at lacing the lower back on my own. When I can convince someone to help me with that tricky part of the lacing, I do enjoy wearing it. If you lace them correctly and wear them properly, they’re really comfortable. I thoroughly recommend Voodoo Lulu when it comes to corsets.

Any advice when it comes to wearing a corset?
Put your shoes on first. Seriously.

What about nightgowns and other bed wear?
I cannot stand the modern trend of sleeping in the ugliest shit you own. Nor can I stand the horrible windowed panes on otherwise gorgeous night gowns. I prefer silk like materials because they are extremely comfortable. Sure, I’ve got an old jersey beach dress that I’ve repurposed into a nightgown for winter. Given Brisbane’s tendency of extremely hot or very cold nights, adjustments do have to be made. Fluffy socks from H&M feel great when it’s cold, especially since you don’t have to put your feet on cold floors when you get up. Oh and dear nightgown designers, stop making tiny tiny triangles that are meant to be the only thing covering the breasts. Especially see through ones. I want to be able to walk through the apartment in my nightgown at night without having to put a robe on.

Then what do you like to wear?
This kind of simple black nightgown. Nothing that looks like it just jumped out of a porn movie. Just something simple, comfortable, and elegant. Except this one is made with elastane and that just doesn’t work, so yeah, a version of this that I’m not allergic to. Oh and I love silk like robes although I don’t own one at the moment. They’re great for when it’s too hot to wear a bathrobe.

What do you think should make a comeback?
Nylon and/or silk stockings that are attached to a garter belt or corset. Why? Because I’m still allergic to elastane and since this kind of product is expensive due to a lack of demand… Yeah if we made that popular again, I might be able to afford it. And I also hate wearing full regular stockings, they just slide down and you get this awful harem pants look.

Trend you’re happy isn’t a thing anymore.
Bullet bras.


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