Challenge: Seven Deadly Sins – Wrath

Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to figure out how to spin these challenges. How on earth do you combine wrath and retro?
I thought I’d simply talk about things that annoy me that are related to beauty, ideals, and online behaviour. Oh and the reason this is written like a Q&A is that I want other people to be able to use these challenges if they want to do them.

What is your greatest pet peeve when it comes to ‘beauty gurus’ on YouTube or blogs?
The goddamn invention of new cutesy words because people can’t be arsed using proper English. “Unfavorites” “De-clutter”. You’re talking about things you dislike and you’re CLEANING. And there’s no such thing as “waist trainers”, it’s a fucking corset.

What is something you strive to do differently from other bloggers/YouTubers?
I strive to be honest when it comes to my opinions of the products I feature on here. I’m not out to get freebies or getting paid to say nice things about a product I hate. When I search for reviews online, I do it because I want to find out if a product is going to be worth my money or not. I’ll tell you the pros and the cons and if I think it’s worth purchasing the product in question or not.

Name one norm you hate that relates to beauty.
The link between stupidity and cuteness. Why do we insist on celebrating cluelessness? Why do people go out of their way to present themselves as nearly brain dead if they want me to listen to their opinions or advice? There is nothing cute about stupidity. The sheer amount of bloggers and YouTubers who fake being stupid, utter airheads, or having an IQ below 70 is astounding. I can’t believe people buy it, not to mention praise it. Grow up, use your brain, and stop pretending that you have the cognitive capabilities of a six year old. That’s when I’ll take your advice.

What’s the one thing you’d like to tell fashion designers?
Hourglass figures are a real thing. I know I’m on the extreme side of the spectrum but it would be lovely if we started to design clothes for more than one body type. Jeans is a great example. I want those high waisted pinup jeans more than anything. The problem is that I can’t find any that fit both my butt/thighs and my waist. I also hate how when I ask for jeans that fit hourglass figures I’m told “have you tried the plus size section?”. I’m currently wearing a pair of H&M jeggings in a medium. If I try jeans in plus sizes, they gape so much in the waist that I could decapitate myself, place my head behind my back and they would still be too big in the waist. I need a different cut, not a different size. Oh and can we do a similar thing with bras, please? I’m an 8GG or 10G. Most brands don’t make bands that go down to an 8, which is really fucking weird because there’s never an issue finding shirts in a size 8. And you can forget G and GG. Most brands treat is as if they’re revolutionary when they go above an E. I also hate how brands go “we design for every body shape!” and “omg real women” or “we do curves” when they mean plus sized. “We love all women” well clearly that doesn’t apply to women with my size since you’re not creating anything anywhere near this size. Not everyone is shaped like a rectangle.

Makeup trend you can’t stand?
Overdosing on mattes. It looks like you’re wearing a mask. You jumped straight into the uncanny valley. People wear such extreme foundations that it looks like stage makeup, and then they draw an entirely new face on top of it.

Fashion trend you can’t stand?
We’re back to idolising the “heroin chic” body shape. Meaning extremely straight lines that punish any hint of curve, but this time it’s with a bohemian twist. Leave the 90’s and the 70’s behind, please. They didn’t look good the first time around.

Any beauty ideal you find outright harmful?
There’s a few, but tanning is the one that comes to mind. The whole idea that you look ‘healthy’ if you expose yourself to that big death ray enough is just dumb. We’re glorifying a practice that causes skin cancer. Skin cancer. And then we laugh at pale people as if they’re the stupid ones. It’s not a “healthy glow” you’ve given your skin, but a dose of UV rays that can kill you.

Most overrated beauty product?
Contouring kits of any kind.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give others interested in beauty?
Work with your face and body, not against them.


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