Character Creator: Harley Quinn

I wore the completely wrong shirt for this look and thus I look like a fucking mime.

wpid-20151006_200615.jpgHarley needs no introduction. If you haven’t heard of Harley Quinn then you haven’t lived. So given her iconic status and that everyone and their aunt seem to have done a variation of Harley, what was left to do? See, almost everyone decides to portray her as this sexy sultry but kinda cutesy character. I wanted to bring out Harley’s grim side. The side that has no patience for your shit, the crazy part of her that doesn’t hesitate to kill. Playtime is over.

This is the Harley who doesn’t have time to spend on drawing perfect diamond patterns all over her cheeks, or care about symmetry.

I was heavily inspired by the Joker’s look from The Dark Knight, especially in regards to the roughness. There’s something that’s a little bit off of every component of this look and that is intentional.wpid-20151006_200605.jpg

It is a very simple take on the look compared to most that’s out there. Add a white crayon all over your face (I used NYX’s Milk) and blend it out so that you still have the look of a mask. There needs to be a marked difference between this colour and your skin colour. I decided to use a lipstick with an orange undertone to brighten this thing up  just a little bit. I did my lips the way I usually did and then took the winged eyeliner approach to the edges. Since my mouth is distorted in these photos it’s difficult to tell but if you know how to do a winged eye, you’re covered.

In regards to the left eye, which is the one seen in these photos, I drew a very rough diamond shape over pretty much 40% of my face. Distort the edges and keep it looking uneven and borderline unfinished. This requires a bit of work with building up the shadow to look really black but with a good product it becomes a whole lot easier. I just used a black eyeshadow on top of the white crayon.

For my right eye, I simply closed my eye and drew a straight line from the inner corner of the eye and right across my eyelid wpid-20151006_200556.jpgtowards the temple. Then I filled in the part below the eye itself. For a bit of variation to this look, I covered the eyelid and parts of the lower lash line in red metallic shadow. It goes on like a metallic film over your eye once you build it up enough. It can also be used as a regular eyeshadow.

Now, as I said above I did this to see if I could do something new with the character. I feel that it was an unusual take but it’s not the way I would do this character’s look if I were to dress up as her for an occasion.


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