Challenge: Seven Deadly Sins – Gluttony

There’s only so much you can do with a sin called Gluttony, so we’re having a food talk.

How often do you eat breakfast? About 50% of the time.

wpid-20150913_115610.jpgWhat’s your favourite kind of breakfast? For luxury days, I love eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. For days when I go out for breakfast but still want to ensure that I get a fairly healthy start, I love the local cafe’s avo & feta smash with spinach. It’s the one featured to the left.

Coffee or tea in the morning? Coffee. Either a skinny latte or black.

What’s a quick breakfast you make? Berries, greek yoghurt, nuts, and a bit of honey.

Best kind of breakfast to overcome a bad morning? Same as the one above but switch out the honey for a pinch of pop rocks. Obviously this is not an everyday thing, but if you’re having a really really bad morning and need a dose of happiness… sugary fireworks in your mouth is the way to go.

Is there any kind of breakfast you can’t stand? Porridge, I fucking hate porridge. And oatmeal. All that kind of gooey mess that looks like medical waste.

Are you a quick eater or do you take your time? With breakfast I like to take my time, that’s why I only have it when I really have the time for it. I mean the most important part is the coffee.

Do you eat lunch regularly? I try to, but it depends on what I’m doing and what’s available. I never do packed lunches, I just think they end up tasting like plastic containers.

What kind of drink do you have with your lunch? Coffee or water usually.

What kind of lunch do you like to eat? It depends on the weather. If it’s hot outside I prefer a cold lunch, if it’s cold I like it hot. Hot lunches that I do enjoy include vegetarian/pescetarian pastas and risottos. Soups can also be fantastic if it’s raining. Especially mushroom soup. When it comes to cold lunches I prefer sushi or a creative salad. Boring salads is like eating green cardboard.

What kind of lunch do you make on a lazy day? I hate making lunch and I hate cooking for one. So I don’t really make things, I do buy lunches ready made. I try to choose the healthier options. If I’m not buying anything I’ll usually just have yoghurt with nuts or just blueberries.

wpid-20150606_112222.jpgIs brunch a thing? I’m sure it’s a thing, but it’s not something I eat very often. I guess a late breakfast due to sleeping in can be considered a breakfast. The one featured here is one of my cold favourites. It’s essentially cold brown rice, kale, goats cheese, cranberries, and some form of nuts. It’s really delicious. It’s also an excuse to get more coffee.

What are your favourite daytime snacks? Blueberries and fruit. I probably eat half a kilo of blueberries per week. On Fridays I have a very long class with very loud people and to get through it I sometimes have a gluten free brownie with walnuts in it. No, I don’t believe gluten is something you should avoid. I however, am a coeliac and it gets downright nasty and painful if I don’t evade it. Grabbing a handful of nuts is something I do when I don’t have the time to actually get something proper. Oh and protein balls with either coconut or peanuts, I usually bring three of those to the office since I am really bad at the whole ‘breakfast and lunch’ thing on those days.

When it comes to dinner, what do you usually get? As I said before, I hate cooking for one. I usually just get rice noodles, throw some cheese and tuna on there with a few veggies… It’s not that I can’t cook, it’s that I don’t want to. Plus I usually get home rather late and I’m too tired to spend an hour by the stove. That’s one of the reasons why I try to make my breakfasts and lunches fairly healthy, to compensate for the fact that dinner won’t be making it onto any fitness blogs anytime soon.

What type of meals are you good at making? I make an awesome mushroom soup, it’s one of the things I really enjoy having during cold months. I do enjoy making stuffed capsicumsĀ but they’re a bit hit and miss. I do fine when following instructions, improvisation just isn’t my thing though.

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure? Chocolate, but I hardly feel guilty about that.

What about alcoholic drinks? White wine is what I drink the most often, rum & coke or dark & stormy’s when I’m out, but I also appreciate mead for special occasions.

wpid-20151002_162110.jpgIs there any food trend you don’t understand? Oh yes. Kale is the first one. The idea that everything has to be cooked as if modern cooking had never been invented is the other.

Most overrated dish? Pancakes. Never saw the appeal

Most underrated ingredient? Mushrooms.
Thoughts on spicy food? I don’t mind spicy food, but there’s a threshold that separates “spicy” and “painful” and I don’t like crossing that one. The perfect level of spicy for me is topokki, which is a South Korean comfort food. It’s essentially rice cakes, spicy sauce, and add ons. If you have never seen it, it’s in the container to the left.


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