Review: ColourPop Lippie Stix in Leather

wpid-20150918_083800.jpgBrand: ColourPop
Product: Lippie Stix
Shade: Leather
Price: 5USD
Available: ColourPop Website.

First Impression: The colour looks nice, it’s a rather unusual shade of dark purple. The scent is ok, nothing overwhelming or off-putting. It’s dry, it’s very very dry. I can’t tell if it’s the product itself or if mine has just dried out a bit during shipping. It required some coaxing to become creamy enough to go on my lips. It still felt pretty dry once I’d applied it. It has a matte finish, which is something that will appeal to a lot of people. It goes everywhere, it stays on ok but it will stain everything your lips touch.

Packaging: Comes in a cardboard package that contains the tube itself. The product has a circular slanted shape that takes some getting used to. The tube is easy to hold and the cap stays on.

Usage: I strongly recommend using a lip scrub and a moisturising product overnight before using this product. Matte lip products are very unforgiving when it comes to dry skin. I’d also consider using a lip liner underneath it since it does tend to transfer. The shape of the product itself requires a bit of thought when using, but be careful and it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s a bit fickle in areas where you need more precision and that’s another reason to use a lip liner.

Value for Money: For five dollars, it’s good. It’s not revolutionary but it’s an ok budget friendly option.

Would I buy it again? I’d probably reserve ColourPop products for their more unusual shades since shipping takes so long and purples are colours you can pick up anywhere these days. I’ll definitely consider buying from ColourPop again (one of their red lip liners is amazing) but I probably wouldn’t buy this exact shade again.


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