Current Favourites: Western Products

wpid-20150911_191133.jpgMy makeup table has grown to look like this.
It’s getting a bit silly at this rate but it’s forcing me to use different looks and products more often than I usually do.

Let’s start with skincare. Most of the products I use for my skin are Korean but there’s a few Western items that I really like. My two favourites are from Palmer’s. There’s the facial scrub with crushed walnuts that’s great for mechanical exfoliation. I also have a moisturiser from them that’s designed for sensitive skin and it’s amazing, sadly it seems it’s no longer available.

Body: Still from Palmer’s, there’s their amazing cocoa body butter. It’s the standard one you can find almost anywhere and it really is amazing. I’m also loving the exfoliating gloves from Soap and Glory, they really do get the job done. On a less exciting note, I have realised just how much I love my regular deodorant after having to spend a few days using another one. It’s Dove’s Original 48h anti-perspirant one, the stick formula that’s creamy rather than liquid. It just works so much better than anything else I’ve used. A while back, a flatmate left me with a body lotion when she moved out. It’s from Bath & BodyWorks and it’s the warm vanilla sugar body lotion. It smells amazing.

Base products: I’ve started using NYX’s Pore Filler since my skin is acting up a bit and it helps my makeup look good longer, I have the tendency to rub the tip of my nose and thus having a primer is really helpful. Because my skin is really showing sings of stress (it’s that time of the semester), I’ve used Urban Decay’s Naked Skin concealer in Light Warm and I’ve found that once I started using my fingers to blend it, it worked a lot better. I’m trying to get through my Chanel foundation so that I can move on to a Guerlain one I bought, I’ve had the Chanel one for ages and I’m not too happy with it. However, when a product costs that much, I can’t justify throwing it away.

Lips: Firstly, I’ve started using a lot more lip care products as opposed to just lip colour. The first product here is the Kissable wpid-20150831_213652.jpgLips Smoothing Lip Exfoliant from Mecca Cosmetics. It’s a really good mild scrub that also happens to taste good. I recently picked up a lip butter with Pomegranate & Grapeseed from Crabtree & Evelyn, it’s good but I wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t on sale. My Guerlain lipstick is still a favourite. For new products, I’ve fallen in love with Besame’s Red Velvet lipstick and it’s one of my all time favourites. I’ve also bought three giant pen sticks from MaxFactor’s Colour Elixir collection and I’m really pleased with them. Another drugstore product I’ve really enjoyed lately is the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color in All Day Cherry.

Eye products:  I’ve found a fair amount of western products when it comes to eyes. Firstly, there’s the What’s Your Type? Mascara in Tall, Dark, and Handsome from TheBalm. Secondly, there’s Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara which I’ve only tried once but that was really promising. I’m currently loving just the very basic black eyeliner from Essence since it’s extremely opaque and I can use it for Character Creator. The same thing applies to a black single eyeshadow from Paint, which doesn’t have a name beyond being called black. In terms of cream eyeshadow, I’m still enjoying the Bobbi Brown one in 24 Karat. I’m still adoring my NYX natural palette which is my everyday go to one. Their bigger Wicked Dreams palette is also pretty good and far more versatile since it has four times as many eyeshadows. A shadow I came across recently that really impressed me is Geek Chic Cosmetics the One Ring that is one of the few truly golden colours I’ve ever encountered.


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