The Vintage Tag

Questions in the tag
1) Who is your style icon?

I can’t say there’s one single icon that I have, but there’s a number of people I draw inspiration from. Dita von Teese is of course the queen of the burlesque revival and she does know how to dress. Veronica Lake is my spirit animal when it comes to hair. Peggy Carter is a fictional character I adore, same thing goes for Morticia Adams.
2) What’s your favorite way to get inspired? ( i.e. mags, catalogs, photo’s, YT, movies, books, the internet, etc).
Youtube and Pinterest are my primary sources, but it can be anything that catches my attention on any given day.
3) What’s your most used hair tool(s)?

My hair brush, I guess.
4) What’s your favorite hair tool/ gadget?
Assuming I don’t get away with mentioning my hair brush again, I’ll go with foam rollers.
5) Up-do, down, or half and half?
Anything goes, it depends on what I’m wearing and how much time I have.
wpid-20150624_105110.jpg6)Is vintage styling something you do daily, weekends only, or just special occasions?

I seldom do a full on vintage style but there’s almost always some elements of it in what I’m wearing.
7)Your favorite blush/ lipstick?
I’d probably advice you to have a look at some of my other posts and you’ll find it immediately since I can’t shut up about it. That lipstick will survive anything and look flawless far longer than the rest of you on a night out.
8) Let’s talk fashion: dress/skirt or pants? heels or flats?
Dresses all the way. I quite often hear my male friends talk about the tragedy that is having to wear pants all day, women’s fashion has found a solution to that and made it socially acceptable. Win.
I wear both heels and flats depending on what I’m doing and what I feel like wearing.
9) Homemade or off the rack?
I can’t sew, so off the rack it is.
10) do you swing dance?
11) Small subtle touches incorporated into everyday wear ( flavor of vintage, if you will) or all out extreme?
A flavour of vintage is a nice way of phrasing it.
12) Favourite perfume/ skincare? ( as ladies back then were very studious about their faces)
A fantastic cleansing powder from Fancl

13) What does the rest of the family think of your “style”?
I don’t really have a family.
14) Favourite accessory ( signature piece, hair accessory, bag, jewlery, gloves, stockings, shoes, pin, hat, belt, sweater, nail polish, lipstick, perfume, parisol, glasses, scarf… whew! did i forget anything)?
Wrap dresses and lipstick, it’s pretty much my uniform.

15) Do you find the vintage community warm and inviting, or cliquish and snooty? ( include your personal home state)
I can’t claim to know a lot of people, but the ones I’ve met have been nice.

16) What drew you to this style?
The simple elegance.


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