Wayward Questions: Because I’m Procrastinating

So I thought of this new way for me to procrastinate, namely by stealing interview questions and answering them. These were originally from an interview with Dita von Teese. It just seemed a mildly entertaining idea if questions were answered by someone who is very different from the person they were intended for. Did I mention I’m procrastinating?

Ultimate fashion item every girl needs in her wardrobe?
A black dress, ideally a wrap one. Just a simple, flattering, no nonsense black dress.

How to go from drab to fab in minutes?

Foundation and red lipstick. Brush your hair. Put on a dress that at least looks clean. Ensure you’ve brushed your teeth (before putting on lipstick). You’ll be out of the house in 5 minutes. 

Top tips for feeling sexy?

I’m rather convinced it’s impossible to feel sexy, elegant, or even presentable when wearing a beige t-shirt bra, so skip that. Heels and lipstick always make me feel like I’ve got my life sorted to some extent. I’m not really that good at feeling sexy, I’m more the awkward type.

How can we achieve a flawless complexion?

Well, if you do find out, let me know. Practice some basic skin care (cleanse, tone, moisturise) and remember that sunscreen is your friend.

How to keep in shape?
I’m not an expert on this but when the pool re-opens after being renovated, that’s where you’ll find me.

Invest in shoes or bags?
I buy both cheaply, but it is important to have shoes that fit properly. I’ll say shoes, bags are just glorified… sacks that hold things.

Leather, lace or denim? And why?
Well that does depend on what you have in mind.

Signature scent?
The coffee I carry around all the time?

On keeping beautifully groomed brows?
I don’t groom mine, they just sit on my face.

Favourite city to shop in?

Your favourite online store?

Probably ModCloth

Lingerie must-haves?
Well I do recommend having some of them. And do adapt it to what you’re intending to wear.

Tips to attract a man’s attention?
Darling, I’m not the right person to ask. The closest I get is when idiots yell “NINTENDO” after me when they’ve seen my playstation tattoo. Did I mention I’m the awkward kind?

How to look stylish on a budget?
Buy second hand, look after your items, and consider buying some beauty products from the men’s section.

Most extravagant fashion buy?
Probably my DvF dress or actual silk stockings.

Your daily skincare routine?
Cleanse, tone, essence, moisturiser, foundation with spf. Remove makeup at night

Your top beauty treatment?
I don’t really enjoy beauty treatments to be honest.

Favourite fashion moment?
When I bought the dress I just mentioned above…
“Is the one you’re wearing also a DvF?”
“No…. it’s a Target”

Fashion and beauty trend that confuses/shocks you?
That people go out of their way to make themselves look sloppy. That and “natural makeup” that takes an hour to do.

How do you unwind?
Youtube, coffee or tea, blueberries. Or by having a shower.

The one piece of advice you’ve been given and couldn’t have done without?

In regards to beauty? “Put your shoes on first”.


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