How Long Does It Take To Apply Makeup? A Project

Currently doing a little project here at Polished Cryptids, namely speed makeup.
wpid-20151022_102424.jpgIn discussions with friends it has often been disputed how long it actually takes to apply makeup, especially in the morning. So I thought I’d time myself when applying makeup on days where nothing special is happening, because I do spend more time on my face when I’m going out or have a reason to dress up.

Here’s a brief preview of the project.

An unusually natural look for me compared to the photos I usually put on here, but one that’s fairly common for me on a day to day basis. I think I’m wearing concealer, foundation, powder, lip balm, and a hint of mascara.
This look took 4-5 minutes and I included skin care in the timing.

wpid-20151030_065916.jpgThe photo on the right is me today and as you can tell, the light is very different and that’s the difference between open and closed blinds in my bedroom. This look took 6 minutes 2 seconds without including skin care (I forgot to start the timer). It includes primer, foundation, powder, lipstick, two eyeshadows and mascara.


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