Weird things people say to tattooed people

  • What does it mean?

Some people have tattoos that don’t have any meaning. Mine are life lessons written on my skin, if we don’t know each other I’m not going to share some of the best and/or worst things I’ve learned in life.

  • Did it hurt?
    No, getting stabbed rabidly with multiple needles for hours is completely pain free.


  • What would your parents say if they knew?
    I don’t hide my tattoos. My dad got his first tattoo this year and he’s never been one to judge others for things like discrete tattoos. Plus, I don’t make life choices to please my parents, I make them to create a good future for myself.


  • Isn’t it difficult to get a job?
    Given that I technically have four jobs at the moment, no. Plus, if I need to cover them from work, I can. Unless they’re on your face or hands, most employers don’t care what you hide under your work clothes.


  • Can I touch them?
    This isn’t usually asked but rather means strangers poking you without warning. If you’re not on the list of people I’d consider giving a hug, you don’t get to poke my tattoos.


  • What if you regret them when you’re older?
    I’d rather regret a tattoo than regretting never having tried things I wanted to do. There’s always the option of cover ups or laser.


  • They’ll look bad when you age.
    So will your skin. We all lose the battle against gravity sooner or later.


  • I don’t like that one.
    Good thing it’s not your skin it’s on then.
  • Are you a prostitute?
    I don’t even know how this one is a thing.


  • Tattoos make you look masculine
    Sincerely doubt anyone actually thinks I look masculine




Review: Colour Pop – Dr. M

Brand: Colour Pop
Product: Ultra Matte Lips (Liquid lipstick)
Shade: Dr. M
Price: 6 USD
Available at: Colour Pop Website 

Pros: Cheap, pigmented, unique colour.
Cons: Tricky to apply, reacts to water, highlights flaws.

First Impression: It’s good to get this out from the start. I don’t like liquid lipsticks. I’ve yet to find one I truly like. Knowing ColourPop is famous for their liquid lipsticks, I decided to try one and the choice fell on a dark colour somewhere in the spectrum between blue and green. Not gonna lie, picked this up because of the name. My last name begins with M and I thought “Dr. M” would be a nice and funny way to motivate myself to study.
The product is very pigmented, something you don’t often get with crazier colours. It takes a while to apply since this is not the kind of colour that’s easy to remove if you paint outside the lines. The formula is smooth when wet, goes on easily, but refuses to go on any area of the lip that’s moist. This becomes a problem because your skin tends to show in the inner parts of your lips, especially when you talk. It dries pretty quickly. This is the part I don’t like about liquid lipsticks, it feels like a layer of dry skin on your lips. This product is a lot better than some I’ve tried, but it’s still mildly uncomfortable.

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Rainy Day Retro

Not all days are sunshine and 35 degrees. Sometimes, the weather betrays us even here in Brisbane. This post is about what to wear on rainy days when you might want to wear something simple, comfortable, and pretty casual compared to what you usually wear. Rainy days is a phrase that has a bit of a dual meaning and I’ve noticed that days that are literally rainy and days that are metaphorically rainy tend to result in me wearing the same type of outfits. So perhaps it’s worth thinking of these outfits as “Bad Day Wear”.
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I’ve reached breaking point. This has been an insane year. Most years are, I should be used to this now. There’s been so many ups and downs that I don’t even know what the average has been. I’m currently sitting here shivering from a combination of stress and fatigue. Writing helps a bit.

I’m a workaholic with a procrastination problem. It’s usually a pretty good combination, but sometimes it spirals out of control and that’s not fun. It becomes paralysing. You can’t get any work done because you’re so busy stressing over the work you have to do.

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Steps to Developing a Skin Care Routine

wpid-20151117_114803.jpgThis is my face, if you follow this blog it should be a fairly familiar sight by now. Or if you know me in real life. Anyhow, I decided that the best way of starting to talk about skin care was to show my skin.

So yeah, let’s have a discussion about how to develop a skin care routine.

Firstly, you need to familiarise yourself with your skin. A lot of people focus heavily on simply covering up with makeup and either skip skincare or use the completely wrong products. Remove all makeup, let your skin settle, and then have a good look at it. Resist the urge to try to fix things, just try to have a neutral approach. Don’t judge, just assess.

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Rebuttal: “15 Reasons Why Dating A Geek Is Worth It. #7 Is Embarrassing But True.”

I’ve decided to start a new series in which I respond to stupid shit I find online.
Last time, it was a list that aimed to tell women exactly what men hate about them.

This time, it’s a list from Tickld that is written by a woman who wants other women to date geek men. She doesn’t really define what she means beyond some incredibly outdated stereotypes. I’ve decided to include this person’s full points so you can see how silly they are and you’ll find my rebuttal in italics below each point.

I don’t mind funny lists, I mind stupid ones. They’re the ones I’ll be targeting

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Zombie Apocalypse Beauty Essentials

wpid-20151112_163230.jpgI really wish this had been around for Halloween but Coffee With Zoe recently created this tag after being inspired by the Walking Dead. Naturally, the idea isn’t to create an actual look for the apocalypse or to create the illusion that we’d honestly care that much about our appearance when running for our lives. Instead, it’s about trying to think about what you truly value among all your products.

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What I Did For My Birthday

wpid-20151003_131120.jpgSure, it’s been well over a month but yeah… I’m slow.

My uni arranged for a heavily discounted trip to Australia zoo and it happened to be on my birthday. After learning that a friend of mine was also interested, I decided to go.

My birthday always interrupts one of the busiest parts of the semester, so it’s usually impossible to get some friends together to do something and well I decided to skip the more traditional “go out and grab drinks” for something else. This was my second visit to Australia zoo and I’m not exactly easily impressed by sleeping koalas or some sleeping devils. So I decided to try to get slightly different photos than you’d typically see from a trip to a zoo.  Thankfully, some animals are really great at posing for interesting photos, like the champ in the first picture who offered a fantastic “Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls” pose combined with a hint of “Missing a beer and a remote” look.Read More »