A Reply To “18 Annoying Features All Men Hate About Women”

So a few months ago, this “article” was published on The Richest and it’s some buuulllshiiiiit. Anyhow it was supposedly written by a woman who claims to have found 18 annoying features all men hate about women. I’m kinda wondering how this woman claims to know the thoughts of every man ( #notallmen applies here too), how she claims to be an authority on anything when she can’t count down from 18 to 1 without missing numbers, and who the fuck agreed to publish this clickbait. So let’s have a look at what this supposed mind reader has “learned”. Honestly, it’s was a lot of fun.

18. Hair Extensions

I think I missed the part where hair extensions became popular again. I also sincerely doubt that most men look at the hair of every single woman they meet and judge it, who the fuck has time for that?

17. Nail Art

The reason the writer gives is that “It costs more and lasts the same amount of time” and all men are extremely money conscious. Firstly, there’s the fact that some of us actually have the skill to paint our own nails. Secondly, I doubt the majority of men keep track of the prices at the local manicurist. Thirdly, far from all men are money conscious. Fourthly, unless they are the ones paying for it, most people don’t give a shit what your nails cost.

16. Smoker’s Breath

Unless they’re a smoker too, in which case they can indulge in their mutual addiction and smelliness. However, since when is this related to gender? I don’t think I know any non-smokers who enjoy sitting next to someone who smells like an ashtray.

15. Too Much/Cheap Perfume

I’ll bet you 50 bucks that not a single one of my male friends will be able to guess the price of my perfume by smelling it. Also, see point 16, no one really likes invasive smells.

14. Big Sunglasses

I have no idea when this supposedly became a universally hated trend, nor do I think that most people regardless of gender really pay that much attention to sunglasses on other people. And how is this a feature btw? It’s an accessory and practical item worn in the sun. Protects your eyes. Sensible.

13. Too Desperate

Yes, heaven forbid the person you want a quick casual hookup with actually wants to hook up with you too.

12. Big Hats

Again, since when is this such a common thing that literally every male in the universe has decided to contemplate the matter  and decide that they hate it?

11. Liquid Eye Liner

“I can’t emphasize enough how men are into a girl who looks natural and let’s be real, there is nothing natural about a black line on your eyelid.” Because all men have the same taste in women and appreciate the same styles, obviously. Oh and no man has ever appreciated the whole Dita von Teese style, it’s not like she’s a sex symbol or something. I also like the part where the author assumes that women who do wear liquid eyeliner believe it looks natural. This is a bit of a recurring theme in this reply, but not every man is into girls.

10. Dirty Hair

“Ladies, there is no reason for you to walk around with greasy hair.” If you see me walking around with greasy hair, it’s probably because I’m really sick, really busy, or my shower is broken. If you see me with greasy hair, it’s because there is a real reason for it. Oh and I don’t think anyone goes “I’m not gonna shower today, because I wanna attract men and they appreciate the scent of stale sweat and the look of greasy hair”.

9. Long/Pointy Nails

I have no doubt there are men out there who are into really long pointy nails, sounds like a fetish of some kind.

8. Fake Lips

Yes because as we know, no one has ever found anyone who has ever had a lip injection attractive. Or it’s down to things like personal preference or/and how the person who had the injection actually looks with that injection. Heaven forbid men weren’t clones of each other when it comes to preferences.

7. Fake Eyelashes

Again, I doubt anyone would go “that woman is the hottest thing I have ever seen, but her eyelashes look fake so I’m now obliged to hate how she looks”. I also doubt that people in general look at others’ eyelashes with the intent of checking if they’re fake or real. Seriously, who spends this amount of time looking at other people’s faces? I struggle to remember the eye colours of most of my friends, much less their eyelashes.

6. Red Lipstick

“If a man wants to kiss you, he does not necessarily want to make sure your shade of lipstick is good with his skin tone.” You’re assuming that I actually want someone to kiss me if I’m wearing red lipstick. You’re also assuming that all men want to kiss women at some point which is factually incorrect. The writer then goes on to recommend pink lipstick instead, because apparently men would never mind having pink lipstick smeared all over their faces after a make out session, they just have an aversion to red. Pink is obviously considered a way more masculine colour by wider society.

4. Big Hands

This is the part where the author proved she couldn’t count. Also, strongly doubt this would ever truly be a deal breaker. Oh and what the fuck are women with big hands meant to do about it? Chop them off?

3. Unkept Hands/Feet

“If a girl can’t even take care of the cleanliness of her hands and feet how is she going to ever keep her children and home clean?” Because as we all know, every single man looks at every woman and assesses her wifely qualities whenever he spends time with her.

2. Too Much Makeup

I sincerely doubt most men are aware of the amount of makeup that is or is not on a woman’s face when they look at her.

1. Lack of Individuality

Ah yes, after we’ve removed the makeup, the nails, the accessories, any trademark physical features, and anything else unusual, there’s so much individuality left.


3 thoughts on “A Reply To “18 Annoying Features All Men Hate About Women”

  1. Wow, I was expecting her list to be silly, but some of those points are downright stupid. It sounds like a load of self-loathing projection: “What I hate/envy about fellow women.” Spot on with the replies.

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