Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth

wpid-20150726_141637.jpgToday, dear friends, readers, and potential enemies lurking about, we’re talking about lazy days and relaxation. Enjoy the picture of the hairless cat I chose to use to illustrate true relaxation. No, it’s not my cat. I don’t have any pets, unfortunately. But here we go, 15 questions about all things lazy.

1. What is your lazy day skin care routine?

If I’m truly exhausted, I honestly don’t even think about skincare. My basic routine is toner, essence, and moisturiser. I’ve really started slacking on using cleansers properly, which i guess is a sign of… sloth.

2. What is your lazy day makeup?

I’m wearing makeup for the first time in three or four days. I’d probably say foundation or a BB creme since I even on most lazy days try to use some sort of SPF and that kinda comes with my foundation. On days when I’m lazy but want to look like I made an effort, I add lipstick. Red lipstick never looks lazy.

3. What is your lazy day hair style?

Currently got my barely brushed and still wet hair up in a bun of some sort. If it’s dry I leave it down or put it in a pony tail. I rarely make an effort with my hair.

4. What is your lazy day outfit?

The closest fairly clean garment? I usually throw on a fairly shapeless dress because that’s what takes the least amount of effort. If I’m planning to stay in all day and it’s winter, then yoga pants, some form of shirt and a cardigan go a long way.

5. What is your lazy day scent?

Who the fuck uses perfume on a lazy day? I guess it would be cocoa butter or something like that because that’s what a lot of my body lotions smell like. But that’s more on pampering days than lazy days.

6. What is your lazy day pampering product/routine?

Shower and actually do things like exfoliate and maybe use a hair mask. I usually do my nails (especially when listening to recorded lectures). Maybe a sheet mask and a fancy body lotion. Honestly though, my lazy days are more of the watching Top Gear and drinking coffee variety than a home spa.

7. What is your lazy day snack/food?

I love going out for breakfast or lunch because I don’t have to cook and it probably tastes better. Blueberries are pretty high up there, as are simple meals like gf pasta and tuna with cheese or something.

8. What is your lazy day drink?

Coffee. Water. Coke Zero (this is my number one summer craving, not sure why).

9. Lazy study technique?
Listening to recorded lectures while playing video games. It’s actually a decent way to review, a bit like looking at the lecture slides.

10. Best way to relax?
If I need to get rid of stress, I head to the pool. Then I stay at the pool while half-heartedly looking at a textbook. Going for a walk works too. Doing my nails forces me to focus on something and that’s helpful sometimes. Video games or Netflix. Coffee. Tons of coffee. It’s like a hug from the inside. If I need to do work, I sometimes head to the local pub so that I can type away from loud flatmates and close to wine. If I’d had a bathtub, I would have said reading in the bath, but sadly that’s a luxury I haven’t had in years.

11. Best things to watch on a lazy day?
Top Gear, because it’s mildly entertaining without requiring you to focus all the way through. The Great British Bake Off works too but could have the side effect of making you crave things. Some of the youtube shows like RollPlay Swansong make for fantastic entertainment. When I just feel like judging people and looking at pretty things, I watch Say Yes To The Dress. It’s the only reality tv show I ever watch.

12. Best thing to read on a lazy day?

I’m struggling to read for relaxation purposes these days, probably a side effect of academic studies. Magazines work sometimes, no matter if it’s Elle or the Economist. I mainly read on airplanes for some reason. It’s so weird, I used to love reading when I was younger but now as an adult it just feels like work.

13. Best things to do when you want to do absolutely nothing?
Pinterest, it’s literally looking at shiny things. Youtube, again, looking at shiny things.

14. What ruins lazy days for you?
My goddamn fabric allergy, there’s nothing that spoils the lazy mood more than feeling like your skin is disintegrating in an acid bath with a side of itchiness. Yes, I just had to change clothes because today was a low tolerance day and just the hint of elastane in my skirt was enough to ruin things.

15. Finally, best games to play on a lazy day?
Anything turn based so that I can multitask and play at my own speed. Dead in Bermuda is a great one, Heroes of Might and Magic III, even XCom: Enemy Unknown can make for a nice semi-casual experience.


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