Review: Chanel’s Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation

wpid-20151109_131114.jpgBrand: Chanel
Product: Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation
Price: 77AUD
Bought From: David Jones
SPF: 15
Shade: 20 Beige

First Impression: Compact bottle, decent amount of product for a foundation. Feels very smooth on the skin. The coverage is light but decent. I typically wear this product when I have a tan and thus it’s a bit too dark for me at the moment. It’s comfortable to wear and decent to work with. Have applied it with my fingers, sponges, and brushes and they’ve all worked decently. This product requires a primer and ideally a setting powder and/or setting spray. I just looked at the shades available at the David Jones website and it looks like it only goes up to a medium, so if you have a darker skintone you might not have much luck with this specific foundation. Also, SPF 15 is not enough for daywear. 

Packaging: Pretty straightforward. It’s a compact plastic bottle. You shake it, remove the cap, flip it, and squeeze out as much product as you think you’ll need. I’ve had this foundation for a number of months now and there’s a certain amount of product build up on the inside of the cap that I’m not too happy about. One of the many reasons I prefer pumps or cushions over regular bottles is that they’re less messy.

I typically use this with my NYX pore filler primer, sometimes with Urban Decay’s Naked concealer, and often finish with Innisfree’s No Sebum Compact. I’ve found that I get the best result using a brush or my fingers, but that it tends to look a bit streaky if I use a sponge. This picture is taken when I use my normal routine and the result is one I’m happy with. However, and here’s the main reason I’m not too happy with this foundation, it doesn’t last. It does not last a full day. If I wear it to work or uni, it will be mostly gone when I come home. When I use a makeup remover wipe at night, there’s barely anything that is left to remove.
Value For Money:

This is probably the most expensive foundation I’ve owned if we’re talking about the dollar to product ratio. I’ve tried a few high end foundations and this isn’t the best one. It’s great for a night out, but it is not sufficient for all day wear and if I’m paying 77 dollars for something, I bloody want to be able to wear it all day. If you’re looking for a foundation to wear to events/parties that gives a good result without being too heavy or patchy, then this is a good option. However, I can’t say that you get what you pay for in this case. There are better low-mid range foundations and better high end ones out there. It’s by no means horrible, but it didn’t impress me either.

Would I repurchase this? Nope. Trying to finish this one so that I can move on to the Guerlain one I bought a month ago.


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