Summer Makeup: How To Avoid Melting

wpid-20150705_152433.jpgSummer is approaching, quickly. Summer translates into light clothes, time to relax, and a lot of sweating. If someone tells you they never sweat during summer, they’re a liar. The unfortunate side effects of temperatures that hang out in the 40s is that your face tends to melt. Fear not, there are a few tricks you can use to minimise the harm.1.Skin care is extremely important

Find a good cleanser, use it morning and night. Moisturise. Look after your skin. The more you let product or dirt build up on your face, the more you will sweat. Your pores will get clogged and you’ll feel like your face is hotter than the rest of you and not in a good way. Have a routine that does the job but doesn’t leave your face covered in thick layers of product. Use sunscreen.

2. KISS.
Ever heard the phrase Keep It Simple, Stupid? This applies to makeup too. Just like with clothing, the more layers you wear, the more you’ll heat up. Instead of using a heavy foundation, try using a BB or CC creme during the day. If you really need it, use concealer on problem areas. Keep it light.

3. Avoiding glow
There’s a difference between a healthy glow and radiating heat. If you’re prone to sweating, use a very light translucent powder to delay the onset. Once again, keep it very light. Keep blotting papers with you and use during the day if you feel like your shine is getting out of control.

wpid-20150513_174929.jpg4. Keep cool
Wear your hair in a pony tail if it’s long, rejoice if it’s short. Wear clothing that’s appropriate for the weather, keep hydrated, and stay in the shade. I know, it’s common sense, but keeping yourself from getting too hot too often is the best way to avoid the problems that come with the heat in the first place. Oh, and if you’re not wearing eye makeup, use this Cooling Stick from TonyMoly when you just want that little bit of relief.

5. Eyes
Skip the winged eyeliner during the day. Chances are it will respond badly to sweat and end up making you look like one sad panda. Opt for neutral shadows during the day, if they are ruined there’s less of a chance of it ending up looking bruised you’ve used discrete eyeshadows. If you want to use mascara, use one that is water resistant or waterproof. Don’t forget to protect your eyes from the sun, wear sunglasses. Save the classical pinup look for indoor or nighttime events.

6. Lips
The one feature I’d recommend putting emphasis on during the day is the lips. A good lipstick is essential and you need one that is not prone to feathering. If your lipstick struggles to stay in place during the cooler months, you bet it will go rogue during summer. Lip tints like the TonyTint I’ve reviewed here multiple times is a good option since it dries on the lips. Avoid lipgloss, it will just make you feel like your lips are literally melting, instead opt for a lip balm. If you want to wear a lipstick, make sure it’s a good quality one. Also, be aware that lipsticks kept in your bag during the day can actually be damaged by the heat. If it looks like sweat drops are being formed on the stick, it means the product is literally melting. Keep it as cool as possible, don’t leave it in the sun. I’d be careful with mattes simply because they are more likely to show any flaws more quickly than a creme finish.

7. Events
Sometimes, people do schedule events when it’s unbearably hot outside. So what do you do if you really have to use event makeup during hot hours. Still keep it light with the products on the skin but you might want to consider using a primer and a setting spray. Perhaps opt for a brown smokey eye instead of a black smokey eye. I’d still be careful with winged eyeliner, but you can use black eyeshadow on the water lines to add definition to your eyes that doesn’t melt away. Don’t forget sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun, consider wearing a light hat or bringing a parasol if you are going to be in places without natural shade.


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