What I Did For My Birthday

wpid-20151003_131120.jpgSure, it’s been well over a month but yeah… I’m slow.

My uni arranged for a heavily discounted trip to Australia zoo and it happened to be on my birthday. After learning that a friend of mine was also interested, I decided to go.

My birthday always interrupts one of the busiest parts of the semester, so it’s usually impossible to get some friends together to do something and well I decided to skip the more traditional “go out and grab drinks” for something else. This was my second visit to Australia zoo and I’m not exactly easily impressed by sleeping koalas or some sleeping devils. So I decided to try to get slightly different photos than you’d typically see from a trip to a zoo.  Thankfully, some animals are really great at posing for interesting photos, like the champ in the first picture who offered a fantastic “Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls” pose combined with a hint of “Missing a beer and a remote” look.

wpid-20151003_130846.jpgHere’s a truly Australian sight, I call it: The Tourist and The Koala.
This little fellow was actually awake and far more interested in food than anything else.


And here to the right we have a different koala who decided to adopt what I suspect might be the PlayKoala version of lazy sexy. Look at those long legs, the sleepy eyes, the bed hair. If this koala had tinder, this would have been one of their tinder photos. I should send them an invoice and offer them to buy this image from me.
Now onto the Food Porn Photo of The Day. Beating out the Koala and its leaves is the Tortoise and its leaves. Look at that greenery, not even a filter used and it still looks tempting to herbivores and vegans. Heck, I wish my spinach looked that vibrant. And the tortoise delivered too, look at the shine in that shell. A well polished matte, same look as a lot of lipsticks these days. The skin reflects the sun beautifully and he doesn’t even look like he’s posing deliberately. Tortoises would make good instagram models, maybe even under the body positive movement. Why? Because their tough shells would protect against the mean comments.

Ok, let’s move on.


Representing the edgier side of the zoo is another Australian great. See, we spend a lot of time marketing our venomous animals, our crocks, and pretty much anything with fur. However, falling in the same category of Australian Horror as the Swooping Magpies is this badass bird. Cassowaries are truly frightening creatures and they know it. Sure, there may have been a time when we went to war with the Emus, but I promise you that if it had been the cassowaries we declared war on, we’d all be dead.

Look at those feet. Look at that beak. Attempting to camouflage themselves as bush turkeys, they’re only allowed to be photographed from above. It makes them look small and harmless. But don’t let them fool you. They might deliver some truly vibrant colours and fashionable poses, but as seen from the action shot below, even cassowaries can be caught in unflattering angles.



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