Currents: Retro Inspired Swimwear

Summer is almost here! The pool opens in like a month!
Yes, darlings, it’s pool season! Beach season. Whatever you want to call it.
With that in mind, I’ve found 10 options from a range of stores, prices, and styles that I think can work well with a vintage or pinup style. They should all be currently available for sale.

Number 1: A wonderful deep green balconette top from H&M combined with a pair of black bikini bottoms make for a good cheap combo that still has a hint of pinup to it.

Number 2: If you prefer brighter colours, Target has this white top with pink polkadots on it and matching boyleg bikini briefs.

Number 3: Target also brings in a more classically high waisted pair of briefs and a top that reminds me of a black and white bullet bra.

Number 4: Want florals and lots of colour? Try this matching top and bottoms from H&M.

Number 5: Prefer a one piece option? This red swimsuit with white dots on it looks adorable and the print is great for casual pinup. It also comes in black and light blue.

Number 6: Are you the lucky kind of person who can wear strapless swimwear? If so, try this one from Sunburn with navy and white stripes.

Number 7: A really cute one piece with a vintage cut that comes in several colours and a significant size range.

Number 8: The two piece version of number 7 is really cute too and would look flattering on most people.

Number 9: If you’re willing to spend a bit more, this navy one piece is a showstopper. Proof that swimsuits don’t have to be boring.

Number 10: If you’re braver than me, this one piece with cut outs might be for you.


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