Rainy Day Retro

Not all days are sunshine and 35 degrees. Sometimes, the weather betrays us even here in Brisbane. This post is about what to wear on rainy days when you might want to wear something simple, comfortable, and pretty casual compared to what you usually wear. Rainy days is a phrase that has a bit of a dual meaning and I’ve noticed that days that are literally rainy and days that are metaphorically rainy tend to result in me wearing the same type of outfits. So perhaps it’s worth thinking of these outfits as “Bad Day Wear”.

These are examples of things I’ve worn on bad days recently. The colours are fairly muted, the clothes are less fitted than what I usually wear, and they tend to be longer.

The polkadot shirt photo was when I was on my way to negotiate about a potential new project/job and thus I needed to still look presentable. Long black pants in a 1940’s style combines with that shirt seemed to work pretty well and was still more comfortable than more structured pants, a button up shirt, or a work dress.

The photo with the green shirt is a bit more typical for vintage/pinup in that it involves a skirt with a fitted waist and a classic button up. I love this shirt but made the mistake of throwing it in the washing machine and thus turning the shoulder pads into a mess. The simple black H&M skirt is one of the most comfortable items I own, the shirt has a vintage cut but has enough room to be more comfortable than a lot of vintage style shirts.

For a day when it rained heavily, was cold, and I had to leave the house, I opted for plaid and jeggings. I honestly love jeggings and think they have a bit of a bad rep, but there’s a lot of good ones out there. Their fitted style with stretch means that even someone with my body shape can just grab a medium sized pair and put them on without having to worry about the cut. It’s like skinny jeans for people with weird bodies. I added a simple white t-shirt with a pretty flattering neck line and wore one of my plaid shirts instead of a cardigan. Combining it with red lips and some form of heels makes it look less casual or “modern” than you would usually interpret this type of outfit as.

Then we have two “I really don’t give a fuck about style and just want to be comfortable” outfits. Showing these because we all have days like this and it’s nice to show that side of myself too instead of just showing photos where I made an effort. Maxi dresses are some of my favourite type of garments in case you’ve missed it and that’s what I usually wear when I really don’t care. They pretty much come pre-styled and all you need is shoes. A good few maxi dresses is key for handling bad days during summer, winter, or really any time. It’s my cure-all.
The last photo is me today. I’m wearing a black midi skirt that I picked up at a market and threw on a light blue tank top to bring some colour into it, the scarf comes from the fact that it’s really cold today. The weird angle is because I didn’t wear makeup today and my phone decided to make my face look bright red. And no, that’s not greasy hair, it’s wet hair.


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