Review: Colour Pop – Dr. M

Brand: Colour Pop
Product: Ultra Matte Lips (Liquid lipstick)
Shade: Dr. M
Price: 6 USD
Available at: Colour Pop Website 

Pros: Cheap, pigmented, unique colour.
Cons: Tricky to apply, reacts to water, highlights flaws.

First Impression: It’s good to get this out from the start. I don’t like liquid lipsticks. I’ve yet to find one I truly like. Knowing ColourPop is famous for their liquid lipsticks, I decided to try one and the choice fell on a dark colour somewhere in the spectrum between blue and green. Not gonna lie, picked this up because of the name. My last name begins with M and I thought “Dr. M” would be a nice and funny way to motivate myself to study.
The product is very pigmented, something you don’t often get with crazier colours. It takes a while to apply since this is not the kind of colour that’s easy to remove if you paint outside the lines. The formula is smooth when wet, goes on easily, but refuses to go on any area of the lip that’s moist. This becomes a problem because your skin tends to show in the inner parts of your lips, especially when you talk. It dries pretty quickly. This is the part I don’t like about liquid lipsticks, it feels like a layer of dry skin on your lips. This product is a lot better than some I’ve tried, but it’s still mildly uncomfortable.

Packaging: It’s pretty straightforward. A tube with one of those felt tip applicators. ColourPop recommends using your favourite lip brush and I might agree with them on that, the applicator isn’t bad but it’s tricky to use near the outer lines of the lips to get a perfectly even line. You might want to use it with a lip liner, I just didn’t have a dark green lip liner available today. It’s solid.

Usage: I’ve already described some of the issues I ran into during the application process, nothing major but it’s a product you’ll have to learn to work with. I’ve just put the product through the breakfast test with some mixed results. At some point I must have licked my lips, because my tongue is green. I also pressed my lips against the back of my hand and did see some transfer from the inner part of the lips. My guess is that this happens when the product gets wet. If you’re like me and drink a lot of coffee and water throughout the day, this is something you’ll want to take into consideration. I don’t see any cracks yet and there’s none of that crumbling you sometimes get with products of this kind. I’d probably recommend wearing it to an event rather than as a full day product due to the fact that it seems to be affected by water.

Value for Money:
It’s 6 USD. It’s a lot cheaper than most liquid lipsticks and it’s very pigmented. I’d say it’s got good value for those 6 dollars and it seems to be of the same quality or greater than some of the more expensive products I’ve tried of this kind. If you think Jeffrey Star is a bit pricey, then I’d go with ColourPop. It’s pretty good.

Would I buy this again? Probably not, it’s not the product’s fault, I just don’t really use or truly appreciate liquid lipsticks. I’ll probably apply this product for study motivation purposes or if I’m doing some form of Character Creator


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