Weird things people say to tattooed people

  • What does it mean?

Some people have tattoos that don’t have any meaning. Mine are life lessons written on my skin, if we don’t know each other I’m not going to share some of the best and/or worst things I’ve learned in life.

  • Did it hurt?
    No, getting stabbed rabidly with multiple needles for hours is completely pain free.


  • What would your parents say if they knew?
    I don’t hide my tattoos. My dad got his first tattoo this year and he’s never been one to judge others for things like discrete tattoos. Plus, I don’t make life choices to please my parents, I make them to create a good future for myself.


  • Isn’t it difficult to get a job?
    Given that I technically have four jobs at the moment, no. Plus, if I need to cover them from work, I can. Unless they’re on your face or hands, most employers don’t care what you hide under your work clothes.


  • Can I touch them?
    This isn’t usually asked but rather means strangers poking you without warning. If you’re not on the list of people I’d consider giving a hug, you don’t get to poke my tattoos.


  • What if you regret them when you’re older?
    I’d rather regret a tattoo than regretting never having tried things I wanted to do. There’s always the option of cover ups or laser.


  • They’ll look bad when you age.
    So will your skin. We all lose the battle against gravity sooner or later.


  • I don’t like that one.
    Good thing it’s not your skin it’s on then.
  • Are you a prostitute?
    I don’t even know how this one is a thing.


  • Tattoos make you look masculine
    Sincerely doubt anyone actually thinks I look masculine




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