30 Days of Products -Innoxa Lovely Lips


I have to confess I’d never heard about Innoxa before I found this lipstick in a bargaining bin at Priceline. This is the shade Marigold and it’s a bit cooler, darker, and frostier in person than it appears on the photo.

It has a lovely floral scent that isn’t overpowering but thankfully isn’t a generic sweet smell either. It smells a bit like a floral shampoo or soap, not unpleasant by any means.

I decided on this shade since it’s dark enough for me to wear it as a “nude only a bit lighter than my actual lip”. It’s a rather unusual colour and that’s what caught my attention.

The packaging is rather standard, nothing innovative or mind-blowing but it doesn’t have to be. It’s functional and looks alright.

The product itself is pretty good for a drugstore lipstick. It’s not extremely pigmented but you don’t have to work very hard to build the colour up either. It’s not as luxuriously creamy as I prefer, but it’s not too dry or too runny. It’s a nice medium option. It stays on ok, I’d recommend bringing the lipstick along if you plan on wearing it all day.

Not bad for something found in a bargaining bin.


30 Days of Product – Bobbi Brown Compact Foundation

20151228_131517.jpgThis is the only compact foundation I have and if you zoom in on the photo, you’ll see why this is the case. It is impossible to keep them free from dust. Literally impossible. I’ve used this one twice and there’s already a dozen visible specks of dust in the product.

Also, yes I forgot to put a review up yesterday. Sorry.

Anyhow, this is Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation in warm ivory. It’s supposedly oil free, which is welcome in compact foundations.

Beyond the dust I don’t really have any complaints about the product itself. It comes with a sponge applicator that I would probably forego for limited use applicators to minimise bacterial growth in the product. The sponge is pretty good though.

The thing is, compact foundations are a form of foundation that very few people can actually wear. They are very heavy in nature even if this one is on the lighter end of the spectrum. For most people, including myself, it’s simply way too much.

What I did notice when wearing this was that my nose became incredibly oily after a few hours and I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who has a tendency to get oily. I have sensitive combination skin and only ever get an oily t-zone. This was just… extreme.

Other than that, it has pretty high coverage and good staying power. Looks good and is easy to work with.

30 Days of Products – ColourPop Wet


This is one of ColourPop’s famous lippie stix. Beyond making me wish that makeup companies could stop trying to come up with weird spellings for regular words, they’re good.
This is one of the pearlised colours and it’s called Wet.

It’s a bit of an odd colour as you might be able to see, it takes a while to work out how to wear it. If I wear it on my own, it looks weird but I imagine it might look better on people with really dark skin. A bit like an off-nude pearlised product? However, as I discovered a few days ago, this product can be used on top of regular lipsticks. Remember that disappointing Australis lipstick I reviewed a little while ago?
Put this product on top of that lipstick and it created a dark brownish red, it worked pretty well even if it’s not something I see myself wearing too often.

These lipsticks are pretty good and rather pigmented. The only downside I’ve noticed is that they tend to be on the dry side. Still, they’re only 5-6 USD and that’s a great price for this product.

30 Days of Products – Peripera Be Illumi

20151222_130125.jpgThis is a Wholly Deep Jewel Pot. Because Korean companies can’t have product names shorter than four words. It’s from Peripera and the shade is 1 Be Illumi. As you can see it’s pretty much a rose gold colour with a significant amount of… shiny.

These products are a bit complicated to describe. It’s a combination of a creme eyeshadow and gold leaf if that description helps. Pressed gold leaf is probably the best description to be honest. It will come out in flakes on your brush and you can either apply them to the eye like that to create a jewel effect and if you puzzle a bit you can create an entirely metallic eyelid. You can also blend it out a bit to create a smoother shade.

You can apply it either as an effect makeup over another eyeshadow, or on its own for a discrete glitter effect. Wearing it on its own works really well for hooded eyes and is one of the few eyeshadow effects types of makeup that looks good on that type of eyelid.

The staying power is pretty good, it doesn’t go all over your face. The shade is pretty good and rose gold is a colour that can be worn by almost anyone, not to mention that rose gold has been the “trendiest” makeup metallic for a while. It’s perfect for events like a new year’s eve party or anything else that requires some warm fancy sparkles.

Top 3 Bad Youtube Makeup Advice

I thought about calling this post “weird shit youtube makeup ‘gurus’ tell you to do”, but it seemed a bit long. This is just the top 3.

  1. Full coverage.
    The vast majority of people do not need coverage that puts a mask on their face. Almost all youtube tutorials I see involve a ton of foundation that usually does not match the skin, layer upon layer of various products, and looks disastrous in real life. Almost all Youtubers film in the equivalent of studio light. It does not match daylight in any way, shape, or form. Chances are your skin will look better if you use a combination of concealer and a very light foundation. Don’t overdo it with the basics.
  2. Excessive contouring.
    If you’ve covered your entire face in a thick layer of product and hidden as many of your traits as possible, it is apparently customary to paint a new face on top of that layer. 90% of youtube makeup videos I see contain contouring that just looks bad. If I can look at your face and see the lines of highlights, bronzers, blushes, and darkened lines, you’re not doing it right. If you keep your natural features through lighter base makeup, you won’t need to paint in new ones. Contouring can be used to accentuate features you already have, it shouldn’t be used to create a different face than the one you actually have. Tone it down and you’re likely to end up with a better result.
  3. Fake brows.
    You know how we now look back at the thin eyebrows of the 90’s and laugh? People will do the same with triangular eyebrows in a few years. There’s nothing wrong with reshaping your eyebrows a bit or filling them in. However, radically changing the shape of anything on your face is something that should be done with great caution.

30 Days of Products – Rimmel Heart Breaker


Since I ranted about a drugstore lipstick yesterday, I thought it was time to introduce one I really like. This is a lipstick from Rimmel, the shade is called Heart Breaker (016) and it’s one of their lasting finish lipsticks. The shade is a very flattering shade of berry with a blue undertone. Blue undertones are good, at least for me since they balance out yellow. I have a slightly yellow/warm undertone to my skin but have cool toned eyes and hair, so it’s difficult to balance.

The product has a nice sweet scent that isn’t too overpowering, the packaging is pretty good but nothing special, and it’s a good regular sized product.

Here’s the thing. It’s creamy. It’s pigmented. It goes on smoothly. This product feels good, it looks good, and it stays pretty good. You might need to reply this product once or twice during a full day. Its resistance to things like food and drink is medium to high. It’s… good.

No, it’s not a Holy Grail situation, but if you want a good drugstore lipstick that gets the job done and looks good while doing it, Rimmel is where to look.

30 Days of Products – Australis Colour Inject


This is unfortunately every prejudice you have against drugstore lipsticks come true. Before I rant completely, this is the colour Cha cha 501 and it’s supposed to be a moisturising mineral lipstick from Australis. Ok, fine, on with the rant.

If you call your product “Colour inject” you better inject some colour into it. If it goes onto my lips sheer and barely there, you shouldn’t pretend it will inject colour in places. It’s sticky on the lips. Sticky. This is what young me thought all makeup was like and therefor didn’t get into traditional makeup.

The tube is… chubby. Not in the charming way, but in the “this is slightly too thick to hold comfortably during application” which isn’t made better by the very sharp edges on the ends. It’s just not comfortable to work with.

I had planned to only wear lipstick today, but this one looked so bad that I had to add foundation and a second lip product. Now I just look eccentric instead of casual.

Brand Review: Pleasure State

One of the things I rant about the most when it comes to first world problems is bras. I have an unusual size and it is borderline impossible to find something that fits me and impossible to find something that both fits and looks good. This is a pretty common problem from what I’ve heard.

It is my firm belief that underwear is just as important as other forms of clothes when it comes to comfort, confidence, and posture. A bad bra can ruin an entire look. In other words, underwear matters.

After trying on too many ill-fitting beige t-shirt bras and having “fitters” suggest the completely wrong size just to sell me something, I decided to stop hoping that regular stores would cater for my needs. Next I tried specialist stores. Why on earth bra makers think that slapping a mosquito net over a person’s breasts and creating a goddamn elastic corset for the ribcage that is so wide it goes halfway down the ribs equals support, I’ll never know.

After that failure, I turned to online stores. Yes, it’s risky but you have a higher chance of success with a store that at least carries your size. Plus, many have good return policies these days.


One of the online stores/brands I’m truly happy to have found is Pleasure State. I’ve purchased items from them several times and therefor feel comfortable reviewing the brand as a whole rather than a specific product. Naturally, I haven’t tried every single item they sell because that would be impossible.

Band size range: 8-16
Cup range: A-G
Styles: varied.
Sales: frequent discounts
Shipping: International, company based in Australia
Products: lingerie, garter belts, camisoles & chemises.

On range: Ideally, I would wear an 8H-I in these products, however since they don’t go up that high I end up purchasing the sister size 10G. I really wish they went up to an H rather than just a G, but it’s still a wider selection of sizes than you’ll see in most stores.

Selection: you can ask for their bras to be filtered by size. Currently, there are 14 products available in my size. These 14 bras are the ones I will use to describe the kind of items you can find for the more unusual sizes. Only two are soft cups with underwires, thank the gods. The rest are moulded.

Price: 50-100 dollars per product. The products are of good quality and the prices are pretty decent. It’s worth the money, but I’d recommend keeping an eye out for sales.

Colours: 3 are beige, 3 are white, 1 red, 2 blue, 1 black, 4 have more than one colour.

Styles: 2 soft cup, 8 are plunge bras (varied hight in the middle part), and 4 are balconette.

Matching underwear: available.

Delivery: very quick in metropolitan Australia, can’t say what it’s like in other areas. It appears they ship pretty much anywhere.

Pros: No goddamn high rise in between the cups that dig into your chest, seldom pokes me in the armpit, shoulder straps come in regular width for most bras instead of the goddamn seatbelts other bras come with, varied styles and colours available, quick delivery, frequent sales, looks great. It works well with a vintage style. They range from casual to rather fancy.

Cons: no padded options, all of them have 3 hooks (I strongly prefer two), only 2 out of 4 collections have bras that come in this specific size.