30 Days of Products – Embalming Tube

20151203_215854.jpgOk, it’s actually a lip balm.
This one is from Shiro Cosmetics (formerly Detrivore Cosmetics I believe) and is flavoured with Creme de Menthe.

It goes on smoothly, gives you that lovely minty mild sting that you also get from tooth paste, and I have a soft spot for the packaging.

The product does contain beeswax so it’s not vegan, which is always worth mentioning since I know it means a lot to some of you.

If you want to purchase it from their website, it’s 4.50 USD. I bought it from an Australian website for a similar price.

If you want an unusual lip balm that gets the job done and has a cute morbid theme going, this one might just be for you.


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