High End Haul

20151205_155144.jpgI’ve bought a few things lately. It’s not as bad as it looks because all of the Bobbi Brown and MAC products were heavily discounted.

Anyhow, I’ve spent money and thought I’d share what I bought.

On Monday, I dropped by Sephora in Melbourne and picked up three items. Firstly, the pomegranate mask that I can’t wait to try. I’m a big fan of sheet masks but haven’t been able to find any good western ones, so I’m hoping this will be a good option.
Secondly, I bought a hair product, which is unusual for me. From Percy & Reed comes Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational, which is a ‘volumising no oil for fine hair’. I honestly don’t have a clue how to use this product or what it’s really meant to do. But I intend on googling it and learning what I actually bought.

20151205_155435.jpgUsing lipsticks as away to move from one store to another… At Sephora I purchased a small sample lipstick from Estee Lauder, it’s their Pure Colour Envy Lipstick in 340 Envious. It’s the lowest of the swatches and I’m really impressed with it so far. It’s very pigmented, has a nice colour, nice texture, and it has a really nice scent.

The other two lipsticks shown here are from MAC and were purchased at a charity event at a local corporate Estee Lauder store. The red one (tube & colour) is their Viva Glam Rihanna Frost. It smells like fondant which is something I’m mildly bothered by. It required a few layers to look completely opaque and that’s something that worries me.

The second one is from their Mineralise Rich series and is called Midnight Mambo. I was really excited about this one since it in the tube looks like a really electric violet colour. Really hoped it would be one of those crazy statement colours you can wear when you want to bring out your eccentric side. Instead its rather sheer, which is not something I want from a lipstick. It also reeks of fondant. I don’t know why MAC gives their lipsticks this scent, but it’s horrible.


Here’s a lipgloss from Bobbi Brown called Crystal. It’s see-through with some glitter bits in it. I’m not usually a fan of lipgloss but I was able to get this one from 10 bucks and thought that would be a great chance to see if high end glosses are different from lower end ones. Who knows, maybe it will change my mind.

In the upper right corner is a powder blush from MAC that’s inspired the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, that is why I bought it. It’s impossible to get a good photo of the colour, but it’s some sort of brownish deep purple colour that I probably should have looked at before buying it. I’m worried it will end up being too dark for my skin since it looks mildly… bruised when I swatch it on my arm. Hopefully it looks better on my face.

Lastly, there’s a compact foundation from Bobbi Brown. This colour is Warm Ivory. I love the packaging and it comes with an amazing sponge. I just tried this product and it appears to match me and feels pretty good. Heavy foundation is not something I use very often but I think this might be a good option for when my skin decides to hate me. I was able to get this product for only 20 dollars instead of the regular 70 or so, so it seemed a good opportunity to try something I normally wouldn’t buy without spending a fortune on it.


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