10 Retro Inspired Gift Ideas For Men

Yes, it’s a bit outdated to do “gifts for him” and “gifts for her”. However, the retro community seldom highlights items that are ‘gender neutral’ or aimed at men. This makes gift shopping for men who are a part of the subculture pretty difficult. Sure, there’s always things like tickets to events, creating a playlist/mixtape, or gift cards. However, sometimes it’s nice to give an actual item. If you don’t know where to start, these ten suggestions might give you a few ideas.

  1. Beginner’s Chess Set – It doesn’t have to be chess, but a retro version of a classic game is usually a welcome addition in families or friend groups. There’s new versions of the original Risk, just to give an example.
  2. Harry Johnson’s Bartenders’ Manual 1882 – This should be a part of our education system. More or less.
  3. Travel mug with a rockabilly theme – There’s tons of these available with all possible patterns. Great for commuters, office workers, or those who just like to bring their coffee along.
  4. Octopus Journal – Everyone needs some sort of journal, octopus themed or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s for addresses, to do-lists, or for noting down projects. Sometimes old fashioned hand writing trumps electronic gadgets.
  5. Coasters – if you give someone a household item, make sure it’s a useful one and one that fits in with their home. Another good set are these Brain Coasters. There’s also things like whiskey stones, themed glasses, flasks, and similar items.
  6. Food Thermos – great for uni students or people who don’t have the opportunity to go out for lunch every day.
  7. Yes, it’s clear that the age of the foodie is here. Thus an apron with a cool design might be an option for people who indulge in elaborate kitchen chemistry.
  8. Speakers that can be connected to a person’s phone are a pretty common feature these days and there’s some really cool designs out there. Like this vintage radio one.
  9. USB drives are a good backup for when your computer starts to hate you, this 16 GB Steampunk one is a great option but they come in all possible designs these days.
  10. Clocks & watches may be about to become endangered due to phones, but they’ve still got a place in our homes. I love this unusual wall clock with gears, there’s also classics like black with sculls and this eat-sleep-sing clock.

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