30 Days of Products – Hello Waffle’s Blush

For some reason we’re seeing a lot of blushes for this challenge. This is a blush from an indie brand called Hello Waffle. It’s pink with a cool undertone and it’s called Snow Castle. You can find it for about 2 USD on their website.

The first thing you’ll need to know about this product is that it’s extremely pigmented. You’ll need to be careful when you apply it and I’d recommend having some sort of powder ready to be able to tone it down.

The plus side of it being pigmented is that this product will last forever. A lot of complaints about indie brands usually have to do with a lack of pigmentation and therefor having to use a significant amount of product with each use. This is not a problem you’ll have with Snow Castle.

Additionally the product is vegan friendly and is safe to use on the lips, which is good to know.

It is a very pretty product, but it has a blue glow to it after it has been applied. This isn’t necessarily something negative, but it means you’ll need to be careful about what other products you use. It’s a bit like an orange lipstick, it can look great or horrible but it’s up to you.

Due to the glow, you might be able to use this product as a highlighter if you have really, really dark skin. Naturally I haven’t tried it for that purpose, but it’s worth considering.

This product has me intrigued about other items from Hello Waffle.


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