Perfect Palette Tag

wpid-20151109_130935.jpgThis tag was really popular on youtube a while back and I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve only gotten into eyeshadows the last year or so, so I’ve only recently begun to try different palettes. See, eyeshadow is not like lipstick. You actually need to have someone tell you what to do to make it look good. Combine this with the genetic curse that is hooded eyes and you can see why it took me a while to get into it. Seriously, where would we all be without youtube tutorials?

Anyhow, you’re not here for me rambling, you’re here for palettes.
I’ve added a few categories that I thought would be helpful.

1. Best Packaging? This award goes to the Bobbi Brown palette in the photo. It’s the perfect size for nine shadows, has a great mirror, is sturdy, and looks good. It has a rather soft casing made from (fake, I hope) leather that prevents it from getting scratches. The ‘lock’ is great, it never argues with me and never opens up without reason. It doesn’t appear like this exact palette is for sale anymore, but this looks like a similar product.

2. Best Color Payoff
This category is won by a budget brand you all know as BH Cosmetics, and the winning palette is their Galaxy Chic. These shadows can be used both wet and dry and I often use them for Character Creator. The pay off is great, especially if you use a wet brush. This is a great palette if you want to force yourself to be a bit more creative with your makeup.

3. Most Versatile
This almost went to the Galaxy Chic palette again. However, it doesn’t have enough discrete shadows to be truly versatile. So instead, this goes to a NYX palette. Their Wicked Dreams palette has 24 shadows in a pretty good range of colours. You can easily create neutral, smokey eyes, or a rather eccentric look. The payoff does vary a bit between colours, so do be prepared for that.

4. Best for Traveling
It depends on how long I’m gone, but I seldom opt for anything unusual when it comes to travel eye makeup. Thus I only need a few shadows. This is why Laneige’s Pure Radiant Shadow wins. It’s only four colours but comes with a good mirror and a decent brush. I’m 98% certain I have this palette/quad in No 1 Urban Beige, but don’t have it with me to double check. It’s discrete enough to be worn during the day and glittery enough for a party look.

5. Biggest Regret
I’ve thrown a few drugstore palettes out, otherwise they would have won the award. The one I do have left is from Models Prefer and is called Nude Eyeshadow Palette because creativity I guess. It’s not necessarily a bad palette, it’s just that it’s the colours I always wear and I already had them in better versions.

6.Best Color Names
This is a set and not really a palette, but since loose eyeshadows don’t come in palettes I’m not really cheating. I don’t actually own all of these, but Geek Chic Cosmetics have an Avengers inspired collection with the following names: Born Yesterday, Both Eyes Open, Burdened With Glorious Purpose, Code Green, Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist, Goldilocks, Hawkguy, Man Out of Time, More Horrifying Than a Miracle, Never Anger A Witch, No Strings On Me, and Very Specific Skill Set.

7. Least Used
Illamasqua’s Empower Palette. I never reach for this and it cost me a lot. I haven’t worn it since the last time I had greyscale. It’s literally been months and I think I’ve used it twice since I bought it. Bloody expensive too.

8. Most loved, Most used, Desert Island
Don’t laugh. It’s NYX’s The Natural Shadow Palette. It cost me like 12 AUD and it’s the only palette I’ve hit pan on. It’s great. I prefer natural looking eyes and this palette does that. It also does smokey eyes and dramatic eyes. This is hands down my favourite. It’s of a better quality than the Bobbi Brown palette shown above but cost only a fraction of that price. The packaging isn’t very good though.

9. Best Budget
The NYX one listed in number 8 for natural eyes, the BH cosmetics palette from number 2 for eccentric eyes. Honestly, they’re both great and cheaper than most other brands you’ll see on here.

10. Best Indie
Geek Chic Cosmetics is overall bloody amazing, but if we’re going for one set… I’d say their Lord of the Rings inspired collection. One Ring is the best gold eyeshadow I’ve ever tried.


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