30 Days of Products – MAC Midnight Mambo


This is a MAC lipstick I picked up a little while ago. It’s from their Mineralize series and the shade is called Midnight Mambo.

Given how much the community likes raving about MAC lipsticks, I expected to be impressed. However, the colour does not look like this on your lips. It’s not the electric, eccentric, energetic shade of purple that it appears in the tube. Instead it’s a pretty tame purple/pinkish lipstick. The kind of old lady pink you really don’t want. Sure, it can look good if combined with clothes in cool undertones, but it’s not…exciting.

It feels good on your lips, I’ll have to give it that. It’s also pretty easy to apply and the product itself is in a shape that makes it easy to work with. It’s just not very pigmented, so you’ll need to apply more than one layer.

As a natural consequence of having to apply multiple layers, there will be excess product on your lips. If you press your lips against a tissue, you’ll be back to the problem of a lack of pigmentation. If you hope for the best, you’ll find that it’s just waiting to go places.

Although it wasn’t patchy after the breakfast test, a lot of the pigmentation had worn off. It still stains. A thin layer of old lady shine on the back of your hand. Charming.

After trying a total of three MAC lipsticks from different lines in very different colours, I’m still wondering why on earth people are raving about these lipsticks.


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