30 Days of Products – Tomato Sleeping Pack

20151203_222052.jpgThis is one of my favourite Korean brands. Skinfood has some great products with great concepts and often execute them successfully.

This was one of the first products I bought from them and it’s a sleeping pack. A sleeping pack is a product you use every now and then as an overnight treatment. They often have very specific functions, just like how this one is a whitening pack.

Whitening products from Korea are not the same as the skin bleaching products you used to see in the west like 20 years ago. They don’t aim to make you look radically different. They fight things like hyper-pigmentation and cosmetic sun damage (no, they won’t heal sun damage or undo it, but they make it less noticeable). Think of it more as a brightening cream as opposed to something that bleaches. You’ll look slightly paler/brighter but not unnaturally so.

This one is pretty good. It’s very comfortable to use and absorbs before you’ve coated your pillow in it. If you’re looking for a skincare product to help fight hyper pigmentation or sun damage, this might be worth an option. Naturally, it won’t be as good as things you get from a dermatologist, but it’s a decent budget option.


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