30 Days of Products – Innisfree Contouring

You may have picked up on the fact that contouring isn’t really something I do. This is the extent of my contouring products. It’s from a rather well known Korean brand called Innisfree that focuses on using natural products. Thankfully not with the same arrogance as a lot of Western brands.

The reason I bring up that it’s a Korean brand is the fact that the product name is written in Korean and I thus I can’t 100% confirm its name. Based on a look at Innisfree’s website, it appears it’s the Face Designing Duo in no 1 Afternoon Delight.

This can also be used as eyeshadow, but I find that it works better on the cheeks for subtle contouring. It’s very easy to blend and the result looks very natural. If you’re new to the whole contouring thing or struggle to make it look natural rather than painted, this is a great product. It costs about 20 AUD from the website and Innisfree ships internationally (plus, you’ll get free samples with every purchase, it seems).


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