30 Days of Products – TonyMoly’s Magic Lip Tint

20151212_131222.jpgThis product is cute. It’s a green gel in a little glass jar. It smells of green apples. When you apply it, it turns your lips into a delightful shade of pink. Just make sure to use a brush or walk around with pink fingers all day.

I’m usually sceptical of pink and don’t wear the colour very often. However, this shade is rather discrete and works well with my natural lip colour. Yes, I like the colour changing gimmick. It’s a gimmick that doesn’t replace functionality but rather makes it… cuter.

TonyMoly is quite possibly the best budget brand I’ve found and it is one of the cheapest. You can buy this product for 5 AUD from the W Cosmetics website. There’s three other shades and this particular one is called green apple. The other ones are called strawberry, red berry, and pink. For some reason that makes me giggle.

It’s a nice charming little product that is good at what it does. The price is is also rather nice and means that it’s a good thing to include in a gift kit or just on it’s own.


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