First Impressions: Bésame’s Mascara Cake

It is worth noting that Bésame makes some of my favourite products of all time. I’m saying that because so far I’ve had troubles with their mascaras. It is also worth noting that I’ve never used a caked mascara before.

The thing is, it didn’t go that well. I applied it with a liner brush since I didn’t have a spare mascara wand laying around. Perhaps that’s the problem. There was not a single step of this process that didn’t argue with me.

I imagine it takes a while to figure out what the perfect formula is, the water to cake ratio so to speak. I tried a few different textures, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. The first problem I ran into was that the product simply didn’t want to stick to my lashes. This got slightly better as I played around with the texture, but it still wasn’t great. Perhaps it’s a brush problem.

The main problem once you’ve gotten the product onto your lashes is that it doesn’t seem to hold curls. It merely makes your lashes blacker and adds a tiny bit of length.

I tried it on one eye, and took photos of both eyes for comparison. As you can see, the product went everywhere, except my lashes. If I didn’t know I’d applied mascara, I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. Also, my camera brings out any hint of redness. It doesn’t look like that IRL, I’m not having an allergic reaction or rosacea. It’s just the camera.

It transferred to my crease and it went into clumps on my lower lashes. Normally, that’s a minor annoyance and not really a problem. However, caked mascara is rather different from modern tubed ones for one main reason. It dissolves in water. It’s designed to do that. If your eyes are watery or you’re prone to rubbing them, we’ll have a case of sad panda happening. As this product states that it can also be used as eyeliner, I tested that too. It just did not work for me even with an eyeliner brush. Maybe I screwed up with the formula. I tried watching it on my arm, the blackest line in that swatch has now degraded by about 50% since I started writing this post.

I’m sure this product is better when you learn to work with it or if you have a proper brush. Maybe their mascaras are designed to work on different types of lashes than mine. But this just wasn’t for me.


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