Lip Product Addict Tag

It’s not a secret that I own a lot of lip products.


1. Favorite balm/treatment
I recently bought a balm from Notoriously Morbid that is just amazing. It feels great and has a caramel scent to it.

2. Best eye-catching red
Do you even need to ask? It’s the fantastic Guerlain lipstick I rave about several times a month. The shade is called Garconne and it is perfection.
3. Best luxury & best drugstore
Well, the luxury one is listed under number 2, you can also go for Besame’s red colours. Red velvet is a winner. For best budget, I’d say TonyMoly’s clicksticks are solid. Best drugstore is probably MaxFactor’s giant pen sticks.

4. Best MAC lipstick
No. I have never tried a MAC lipstick that I’ve liked. I’ve tried three in different colours and different lines, do not see why they are praised. Average at best.
5. Most disappointing
Those three MAC lipsticks. I expected them to be revolutionary and they were ordinary. Oh and that “lipstick” from Lipstick Queen that was meant to adapt to you and create a shade that made your teeth look whiter. It was a glorified 36 dollar lip balm. Not worth it.

6. Liner- yes or no?
No. But on the rare occasions when I do, I use liners from ColourPop

7. Best gloss
I don’t wear gloss. I can’t stand the feeling.

8. Something extra
These tints. They are glorious and cost like 6 bucks. Wear a lip balm over them for a smooth feeling.


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