30 Days of Products – Wicked Dreams (NYX)

20151212_131022.jpgThis is something unusual, a full palette from a drugstore brand. Usually they might do about five shadows or something, but a full palette is not something you see very often.

This is NYX’s Wicked Dreams palette. It has 24 shadows in a pretty good range of colours. There’s some mattes and some glittery ones, even one or two shiny satin finishes.

The packaging is solid, includes a mirror and it’s just… good. It gets the job done.

The range of colours is great and makes the palette very versatile. This is a good base palette for people who want to learn how to combine different colours but can’t afford something like the Chocolate Bars from Too Faced.

The only downside is that the pigmentation really varies from shade to shade. Some will blow your mind, others might disappoint you. I’d call this a learner’s palette since you’ll need to practice both techniques and colour combinations to get the best from this palette.

I imagine this would make a good gift for a teenager or someone who is pretty new to eyeshadows. I’m happy I bought it, but I’m also glad I’ve got other palettes to combine it with.


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