30 Days of Products – Lipstick Queen’s Hello Sailor

20151212_130853.jpgOut of all the products that I’ve bought, this is one of the most disappointing ones.

This is an example of a gimmick that doesn’t pay off.

This is Lipstick Queen’s Hello Sailor, it’s blue. It doesn’t apply blue. It’s a mildly tinted lip product that is sold for 37 dollars. This is a rip off.

The idea behind the product is that it’s meant to adapt to your very personal colour scheme and do so in a way that makes your teeth look whiter. It’s a well known trick that red lipsticks with blue undertones make your teeth look whiter, so it’s based on “common knowledge” in the makeup world.

37 dollars is a lot for a lipstick. I’d say anything above 30 is pretty expensive, especially when quality products like Bésame cost 25-30. However, I’ve been known to splurge on good lipsticks when they’re extraordinary. So it didn’t feel too daunting to try it.

It smells of wax. A bit like those lipsticks you used for Halloween as a kid. It smells cheap.

The packaging is good, that’s the only good thing about this product.

It goes on.. mildly tinted. I’ve got chapsticks that give the same effect. I’ve got tints that to the same thing. It even looks waxy and cheap. And it did not make my teeth look any less coffee stained than they really are.



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