30 Days of Products – Maybelline Too Cool Color Tattoo

20151217_111210.jpgThese creme eyeshadows from Maybelline have been around for years and I’d almost consider them a classic by now. This particular shade is called 05 Too Cool and I’ve tried it a few times.

It doesn’t go on as starkly white as it looks in the pot, it has a nice metallic shine to it. I think this one is from a particular metallic or gem stone themed collection Maybelline decided to make in addition to their regular colours in this line.

You apply it with your fingers for the best result. A sheer layer all over the lid makes a pretty good subtle eyeshadow. You can also use it as a base for shadows of a similar kind. I actually bought this one for Character Creator for when I need to paint parts of my face white. Have only used it for its intended purpose though.

If you need a base for cool toned eyeshadows, this is a good option. It’s also an added bonus that these work well with hooded eyes since they’re so light and don’t just hide in your crease.


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