30 Days of Products – SugarBaby’s Sweet Cheeks


This is a bit too… sweet for me. I picked it up just to try a cheap blush at 15 dollars and well, to try something different. It’s very cute, I have to say.

This product looks like a bronzer on me. It is rather pigmented and very shiny. To control that and avoid looking like I’d just turned into a 12 yo, I added a matte powder above it to remove the glow. Perhaps it would look better on darker skin, but on mine it just looks too much. I know a lot of people are really into noticeable blush as a part of contouring and all that, but it’s not really my style.

The packaging is adorable but low quality. I’ve used this product once or twice in total and the packaging is literally falling apart.
Other than that it has a nice texture, feels good on the skin, and can be toned down.


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