Retro Essentials: Last Minute Holiday Dresses

The holidays really are creeping up on us, and with less than a week to go there’s a chance anything you order online won’t make it to your front door on time. Therefor it is worth having a look at some mainstream stores to see if they can come to the rescue. Here’s 17 options from three pretty common stores.

Let’s have a look at what Target has to offer.
Firstly there’s this red strapless lace dress for about 50 dollars, available in sizes 6-20. It’s a classic fit that closely resembles some strapless numbers you’d find in rockabilly stores. With black heels and your hair up, you’ll easily be able to adapt this dress to your style. If you prefer longer dresses or a more casual fit, there’s this maxi dress available in navy or olive for the same price as the red dress. There’s also this strapless fit & flare dress in black and white available for 70 dollars.If you prefer something that’s classic, has sleeves, and a pattern that works all year around, try this black floral dress. If you’re a bit tired of all the christmas patterns but still want an elegant dress that’s classic and fit for the warmer seasons. Another dress that will work for almost any event is this polkadot dress with a discrete v-neck. If you’re like me and like anything that looks like a wrap dress, try this knee length mock wrap dress with 3/4 sleeves/

H&M may not be as readily available as Target, but since they’ve got a number of stores up it’s worth including them.
If you want something a little bit different, try this beaded kimono dress for 90 bucks. Want to try something really bold? This is a jumpsuit with a leopard print in light blue and pink. Perfect for anyone wishing to go all out rockabilly. Perhaps something simpler, like this classic white sleeveless dress for budget friendly 30 dollars. A classic option is anything off-the-shoulder, including this black long sleeved dress. There’s also this maxi halter neck with glittery fabric. Lastly, we have this satin number in a deep purple.

Forever New may be a bit pricey, but there does seem to be one in every mall and some of their clothes are quite nice. This v-neck black lace dress is a rather nice option for fancier gatherings, especially the kind that involves alcohol and music. A less extravagant option is this white dress with floral prints and a rather modest neckline. There’s this black off the shoulder dress that would have looked amazing on Bettie Page. This dress is also a classic style and the red works with the season.


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