30 Days of Products – Star Wars Mascara


Everyone and their mother is on a Star Wars hype at the moment, including Covergirl cosmetics. They released a few different products with a Star Wars theme when the film was released and it seems like they’ve been selling really well. I’d originally planned to purchase the two lipsticks from the collection but they were sold out, so I decided to try this mascara instead.

The name of the mascara appears to be The Super Sizer and for some reason it’s marked with a 8/10 on the tube. I have no clue why.
For a product called the Super Sizer, it has a very thin wand. Not really what I expected.

It applies nicely. You don’t get drenched in product but get enough to still be able to work with it. The wand is practical and the thinness helps in reaching the lower lashes properly. It looks good. I don’t feel my lashes have been super sized, but they’ve been lengthened and look a lot darker than they naturally do. It’s kinda meh when it comes to holding curls. It’s not bad but it didn’t impress me either. By now you may have noticed that it’s not that easy to impress me. I’d rather be honest about products being alright than pretend to be super happy with everything and encourage people to spend money on products that might disappoint them.

This is a pretty standard drugstore mascara, it gets the job done and looks good without looking too exaggerated. If you’re a Star Wars fan who needs a new drugstore mascara, you may as well go with this one.

One negative is that my eyes are stinging very slightly. I have extremely sensitive eyes, so I doubt it will be a factor for most people but if you know your eyes have a tendency to sting, be careful.


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