30 Days of Products – Line Remover Stick

20151212_131302.jpgThis is a rather unusual product from Etude House. It’s meant to help with eyeliner, mascara and all the problems that come with it. The full name seems to be All Finish Line Remover Stick, because short names are just not a thing with Korean products.

You rub it on gently, leave it there, and then remove with cotton pads. This can be done either to remove makeup at the end of the day and works well on things like waterproof mascara, or to remove any product that has ended up where it shouldn’t be during application. So if you’ve stabbed yourself with the mascara wand and need to clean up, use this and remove with a q-tip to avoid smudging your entire eye.

It works really well and offers more control than most other forms of remover that I’ve tried. I mainly use this if I screw up when applying eye products as my regular makeup remover does quite well with eye products too. You draw the product straight onto the area where you messed up, wait a moment, and wipe it off with precision. If you use liquid eyeliner and want to be able to correct small mistakes, this might be a product you want to look into.



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