30 Days of Products – Australis Colour Inject


This is unfortunately every prejudice you have against drugstore lipsticks come true. Before I rant completely, this is the colour Cha cha 501 and it’s supposed to be a moisturising mineral lipstick from Australis. Ok, fine, on with the rant.

If you call your product “Colour inject” you better inject some colour into it. If it goes onto my lips sheer and barely there, you shouldn’t pretend it will inject colour in places. It’s sticky on the lips. Sticky. This is what young me thought all makeup was like and therefor didn’t get into traditional makeup.

The tube is… chubby. Not in the charming way, but in the “this is slightly too thick to hold comfortably during application” which isn’t made better by the very sharp edges on the ends. It’s just not comfortable to work with.

I had planned to only wear lipstick today, but this one looked so bad that I had to add foundation and a second lip product. Now I just look eccentric instead of casual.


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