30 Days of Products – Rimmel Heart Breaker


Since I ranted about a drugstore lipstick yesterday, I thought it was time to introduce one I really like. This is a lipstick from Rimmel, the shade is called Heart Breaker (016) and it’s one of their lasting finish lipsticks. The shade is a very flattering shade of berry with a blue undertone. Blue undertones are good, at least for me since they balance out yellow. I have a slightly yellow/warm undertone to my skin but have cool toned eyes and hair, so it’s difficult to balance.

The product has a nice sweet scent that isn’t too overpowering, the packaging is pretty good but nothing special, and it’s a good regular sized product.

Here’s the thing. It’s creamy. It’s pigmented. It goes on smoothly. This product feels good, it looks good, and it stays pretty good. You might need to reply this product once or twice during a full day. Its resistance to things like food and drink is medium to high. It’s… good.

No, it’s not a Holy Grail situation, but if you want a good drugstore lipstick that gets the job done and looks good while doing it, Rimmel is where to look.


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