Top 3 Bad Youtube Makeup Advice

I thought about calling this post “weird shit youtube makeup ‘gurus’ tell you to do”, but it seemed a bit long. This is just the top 3.

  1. Full coverage.
    The vast majority of people do not need coverage that puts a mask on their face. Almost all youtube tutorials I see involve a ton of foundation that usually does not match the skin, layer upon layer of various products, and looks disastrous in real life. Almost all Youtubers film in the equivalent of studio light. It does not match daylight in any way, shape, or form. Chances are your skin will look better if you use a combination of concealer and a very light foundation. Don’t overdo it with the basics.
  2. Excessive contouring.
    If you’ve covered your entire face in a thick layer of product and hidden as many of your traits as possible, it is apparently customary to paint a new face on top of that layer. 90% of youtube makeup videos I see contain contouring that just looks bad. If I can look at your face and see the lines of highlights, bronzers, blushes, and darkened lines, you’re not doing it right. If you keep your natural features through lighter base makeup, you won’t need to paint in new ones. Contouring can be used to accentuate features you already have, it shouldn’t be used to create a different face than the one you actually have. Tone it down and you’re likely to end up with a better result.
  3. Fake brows.
    You know how we now look back at the thin eyebrows of the 90’s and laugh? People will do the same with triangular eyebrows in a few years. There’s nothing wrong with reshaping your eyebrows a bit or filling them in. However, radically changing the shape of anything on your face is something that should be done with great caution.

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