30 Days of Products – Peripera Be Illumi

20151222_130125.jpgThis is a Wholly Deep Jewel Pot. Because Korean companies can’t have product names shorter than four words. It’s from Peripera and the shade is 1 Be Illumi. As you can see it’s pretty much a rose gold colour with a significant amount of… shiny.

These products are a bit complicated to describe. It’s a combination of a creme eyeshadow and gold leaf if that description helps. Pressed gold leaf is probably the best description to be honest. It will come out in flakes on your brush and you can either apply them to the eye like that to create a jewel effect and if you puzzle a bit you can create an entirely metallic eyelid. You can also blend it out a bit to create a smoother shade.

You can apply it either as an effect makeup over another eyeshadow, or on its own for a discrete glitter effect. Wearing it on its own works really well for hooded eyes and is one of the few eyeshadow effects types of makeup that looks good on that type of eyelid.

The staying power is pretty good, it doesn’t go all over your face. The shade is pretty good and rose gold is a colour that can be worn by almost anyone, not to mention that rose gold has been the “trendiest” makeup metallic for a while. It’s perfect for events like a new year’s eve party or anything else that requires some warm fancy sparkles.


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