30 Days of Products – ColourPop Wet


This is one of ColourPop’s famous lippie stix. Beyond making me wish that makeup companies could stop trying to come up with weird spellings for regular words, they’re good.
This is one of the pearlised colours and it’s called Wet.

It’s a bit of an odd colour as you might be able to see, it takes a while to work out how to wear it. If I wear it on my own, it looks weird but I imagine it might look better on people with really dark skin. A bit like an off-nude pearlised product? However, as I discovered a few days ago, this product can be used on top of regular lipsticks. Remember that disappointing Australis lipstick I reviewed a little while ago?
Put this product on top of that lipstick and it created a dark brownish red, it worked pretty well even if it’s not something I see myself wearing too often.

These lipsticks are pretty good and rather pigmented. The only downside I’ve noticed is that they tend to be on the dry side. Still, they’re only 5-6 USD and that’s a great price for this product.


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