2015 in Makeup

2015 is in its final stages and it’s time to have a look at some of the things I’ve encountered this year. This is the makeup list, but fear not, there will be a nerdier end of the year review too.

Biggest New Discovery: Korean skincare and makeup

Go-to Look: Red lips and a discrete brown smokey eye never goes wrong.

Best Tutorial Video: 

Best On Screen Makeup Look: One of the most badass looks we saw this year was definitely Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road. I like how unique it is and still simple. Who know that the soot covered look would work?

Television Style Icon: Agent Peggy Carter

Biggest Let Down: MAC Lipsticks. I’d heard people rave about these lipsticks for years and finally tried three of them this year. At best they were meh and I’m so disappointed.

Biggest Challenge: The 30 days of Lipstick challenge was bloody difficult. I also have tons of lip products that I probably won’t end up using, not even I need multiple green lipsticks.

Best Indie Brand: Geek Chic Cosmetics. Their eyeshadows are pigmented as hell, their international shipping policy is generous, and the themes make me feel right at home.

Best Budget: TonyMoly. Good quality for a fraction of the price of most brands.

Favourite New Product: My reliable Clio Hitch Eye-King mascara

Lifesaver: wpid-20150705_210939.jpg

Biggest Ouch: Weird category, I know. But sadly this goes to the Etude House skincare products I’ve tried this year. Too much alcohol. Their cushion foundation is amazing though.

Best Retro: Bèsame’s lipsticks, especially Red Velvet. Perfect vintage look every time for a reasonable price.

Best accessory: Hair flowers

Favourite Trend: Berry lips

Least Favourite Trend: Excessive contouring



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