Types of Foundation – New to Makeup

Foundations, one of the most essential types of makeup product there is and one of the most difficult to get right. So if you’re entirely new to makeup, where do you start?

The first step is to decide which kind of foundation you want. Let me tell you the single most important advice you can get when it comes to selecting foundations: you don’t need as much coverage as you think.

That is the most common makeup mistake I see these days, people who wear products that are way too covering to look good on their skin. If your face looks like a mask, it’s not a good everyday look.

So let’s go the most common types.

Liquid Foundation – This is the most common type used in western cultures. They come in endless variations and shades, with coverage ranging from light to camouflage. They are relatively easy to use, can be applied with fingers, sponges, or brushes, and comes in several different formulas (to suit all skin types). The downsides? It’s really really difficult to find the perfect shade and formula. It will take trial and error.

Western BB creme – This is a bit like a hybrid between liquid foundations and Korean BB cremes. It’s typically a lightweight product that has light to medium coverage. It adapts to your skin and comes in fewer shades than liquid foundations. This is a very beginner friendly product and it works great on skin of all ages. This is what I’d recommend if you’re not 100% set on another option.

Korean BB/CC cremes and cushions – The first thing you need to know is that these oxidise when you put them on, they’re meant to. This means that you have to test the product on your face before you can truly tell the result. Something worth knowing about Korean skin products is that they aim for really pale skin. A lot of western products aim to make you look tanned, this does the opposite. If you’re usually too pale for western products, this might be a good option for you. Good for light coverage, hot climates, and easy application.

Powder foundations – If your skin is extremely sensitive and very prone to breakouts or allergic reactions, a mineral based powder foundation might be the way to go. These are applied with a brush and are a bit more rare than liquid foundations or western BB cremes. Mineral powders don’t necessarily mean light coverage but is also pretty common for camouflage makeup (hiding very damaged skin or dermatological conditions). If you sweat a lot, there’s a chance the powder will respond badly to

Compact foundations – These are usually extreme coverage and very very thick. This is essentially the commercial version of stage makeup. There are very few people who look good with this foundation and it’s not something I’d recommend starting out with.

Your skin type. This is something that matters just as much as the tone of the foundation you use. If you have very dry skin, try to choose a product that is hydrating. If you have very oily skin, pick a formula that is designed to help combat oiliness. If you’re starting to get wrinkles or already have wrinkles, go for a lightweight option.


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