Alternatives to Winged Liquid Eyeliner

Winged liquid eyeliner is as essential to a lot of people as foundation or a chapstick. It’s also hellishly difficult to get right. So in the interest of being beginner friendly in this series, I thought could discuss some alternatives to winged liquid eyeliner.

Here are four alternative looks that are similar to the liquid eyeliner look but that don’t actually include liquid eyeliner. Keep in mind that I have hooded eyes and that these looks have been adapted to work with that kind of eye.

Look number 1
This was done using a pencil eyeliner applied in a wing shape. This is a 2 dollar pencil from Essence that is extremely opaque and of a really good quality given the price. Sure, you don’t get the extremely sharp end, but it offers more control than a liquid eyeliner and doesn’t bleed as easily.

Look number 2
This was a while ago, but I’m fairly certain what I did here was done using eyeshadow. You apply a very dark brown or black eyeshadow along the upper lash line. This can be combined with a smokey eye or just a neutral eye look. You can apply a pencil eyeliner along the outer third of the lower lash line if you want to and then blur that too with eyeshadow. If you extend it slightly outwards away from the eye, it can have a similar effect to a winged eyeliner in how it alters your eye shape.

Look number 3
Also done with a pencil eyeliner. This is just regular tight-lining where you follow the upper and lower lash lines with a pencil eyeliner of your choice. It’s a very simple look but helps add some definition to the eye. As with the look above, don’t colour in the entire lower lash line but leave some of it neutral to help with the shape.

Look number 4
Gel eyeliner. This is a great option if you want to create a winged look but want a product that doesn’t bleed. This was done using just the brush that came with the eyeliner, but if you want greater control and flexibility, buy an extra brush or two of different sizes.



Tips and tricks.

Primers – Just like with eyeshadow primers, your eyeliner stays in place a lot better if you use a good primer. I’ve seen Urban Decay’s anti ageing primer (for eyelids, not face) used on the area where the liner will go. This is a good tip if you have fine lines around your eyes and need something to help prevent bleeding.

Lashes – A mild smokey eye combined with lashes applied to the outer part of the upper lash line can help create the illusion of a winged eyeliner. It has a similar effect and can be used by anyone who doesn’t feel confident with liner, I’d recommend this as a way to avoid arguing with fine lines around the eye.

Set with shadow – both gel and liquid eyeliners sometimes benefit from being set with a black eyeshadow. You know how you use a powder on top of your foundation to keep it looking good longer? The same trick works with your eyeliner. This can also be done to create a smokier/softer/smudgier look, which is a good trick if your eyeliner application wasn’t perfect.



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