Traces of Thedas – Review


It could not be lost on anyone following this blog that I’m a fan of the Dragon Age series, so when I learned that one of my favourite Indie brands had created an entire line of perfumes inspired by some of the companions in the game.. I just had to get them all.

These solid perfumes are the size of a lip balm, cost less than 3.5 dollars each, and you can currently get the entire Traces of Thedas collection for 28 US dollars. Not bad for nine unique perfumes. Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, the company offers free international shipping if you shop for more than 100 dollars.

Most of the perfumes are labelled as unisex, but I honestly believe that almost all of these are unisex. But hey, whatever works for you.

At the point of writing this, I’ve worn five of the perfumes and feel confident to give my general impression of the collection. At this stage, only companions from Origins and DAII are included in the collection.

Packaging: Praise the gods for solid scents. It’s packaged much like a lip balm and weighs .07oz. The fact that it’s a solid means you can easily control the amount of product you apply a lot easier than with spray bottles. They’re really easy to use and for those of us who are sensitive when it comes to strong scents, they’re awesome. Another bonus is that they’re small enough to carry with you, which means you can easily reapply the scent after work or just if you feel it needs a top up.

Value for money: Fucking amazing. Seriously, you’re usually lucky if you get one good perfume for this price. Nine is awesome. Even if you’re not a fan of Dragon Age, it might be worth ordering one or two perfumes that sound like something you might like.

Quality: Geek Chic Cosmetics recommend that you use these 8-12 months within opening, they’ve also told me that the products might melt at 90F (about 32C for those of us who don’t live in the US). So far I haven’t had any issues with melting despite the temperature being around the alleged melting point, but you might not want to buy the products during an Australian heatwave.

Scent: As stated before, it’s easy to regulate the amount of product you use and therefor the intensity of the scent. They’re pretty long lasting but fade a bit, which is to be expected. I can still feel the scent clearly at least 6h later if I smell my wrist, but if you want to feel ‘perfumed’ for an entire day I’d probably reapply it once. So far, none of the scents has been overpowering enough to give me a headache.

Other info: These scents are cruelty free and vegan, which is always a bonus. They’re also gluten free, which really doesn’t matter since gluten only harms coeliacs if they eat it. Suspect it’s automatically labelled like that. The website lists the ingredients for each product and so does the label, this means it will be really easy for people with various allergies to check if the product is safe for them to use.

Individual Scents

Swooping Is Bad – This scent makes me like Alistair, it even makes me like the quote it’s based on. This scent smells like genuine real life roses. Like if you’re walking in a park and walk past a rose bush. It’s not that sickly sweet floral scent you tend to get in perfumes. This one is realistic roses with a hint of nature after it just rained. Seriously, this smells amazing. When I wear it, the rose scent comes out quite strongly compared to the other scents but it is impossible to say if it will be more earthy or more rosy when you try it.

Frisky Pirate – This is a scent that is fresh and a bit musky at the same time. It’s quite nice but I’m struggling to identify the scents. As I’m typing this I’m realising I’m getting a cold, because I could recognise the scents when I wore this the first time. There’s leather in it, and mint. Perhaps it’s because it’s named after a pirate, but there’s something about it that reminds me of oceans. It’s a pretty nice refreshing scent and based on Isabela.

Vengeance – This is a fairly traditional perfume scent. It’s a combination of earthy scents with some mint in it. It’s not too heavy or too sharp. It seems a pretty standard unisex perfume scent. It’s by no means bad, but it’s not my favourite either. Based on the Anders + Justice = Vengeance thing.

Orlesian Nightingale – This is sweet. Not sickly sweet, but very sweet. If you wear it, you too will seem sweet. There’s most certainly vanilla in there and it reminds me of a bakery for some reason. Almond biscuits? It’s a nice scent but not the kind of scent I tend to wear. With a name like Orlesian Nightingale, it is quite obvious that it’s based on Leliana.

Storyteller – This is a smokey scent. It reminds me of the scent expensive alcohol (a fine whiskey or cognac) and an open fireplace. It isn’t labelled as being unisex, but I think it works on me. This is a great scent for autumn. This scent makes me wish I had a fireplace and could drink mulled cider while the rain poured down outside. Not an everyday scent, but still a nice one. Based on everyone’s favourite dwarf, Varric.


I haven’t worn the following scents, so I’m basing these impressions on what they smell like in the tube.

Daisy – A fresh quite feminine scent. Citrus fruits and flowers with an earthy background is what I’m getting from this. I think this scent would work for a lot of women and can see it worn by some daring men too. Based on Merrill

Ghost Warrior – This reminds me of incense. It’s quite cool and rather musky, I like it but struggle to tell the finer notes of it. Then again, I have a bit of a cold and am smelling perfume after perfume at this stage. I’d wear this (it’s next on my list). This could easily work on almost anyone. Based on Fenris.

Witch of the Wilds – this scent is warmer than I would have thought for Morrigan. It’s spiced, quite sensual in a way. It keeps shifting as you smell it and it’s difficult to put your finger on what it really is, quite suitable since it’s based on a shapeshifter. It’s intriguing and I can see it working on a wide range of people.

Prepare to be Boarded – They nailed it with this one, this scent does a really good job in representing Zevran. It’s spicy and there’s almost certainly a hint of leather. It’s designed to be worn by men, I think it could work on women in the right situation. Geek Chic Cosmetics describe this scent as “A good scent to wear while fist-fighting a grizzly bear” and while I don’t disagree with that, I’ll let someone else test if it’s any good for bear fighting.





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